Russia’s increased militarism is getting more serious. A US senior admiral warned that Russian heavy bombers are making more extended missions than “since the Cold War (first link).” The second link reports that Russian bombers have even made attack runs at NATO warships, and adds that Russia even launched 16 missions vs. US northwestern air-defense zones in just ten days.

Most ominously, the first link’s report about a senior US admiral warning about Russia’s aggressiveness included this ominous phrase: “Moscow’s aggressiveness could pose ‘increased risk’ to the ability to defend North America against Russian threats (emphasis added).” Did you notice that? A top US military leader has noticed that Russia is gaining the ability to threaten the security of North America! That is essentially the very scenario that, based on Ezekiel 38’s latter-day prophecy, I have been warning about for over 25 years. That biblical prophecy warns that an attack led by the forces of the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) will target the modern nations of the modern house of Israel (the USA and many western nations–see my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy). As it pertains to Canada and the USA in North America, Russia and its Gog-Magog allies would attack the USA from a northerly direction via Alaska and over-the-pole routes. That is exactly what Ezekiel 38:15 warns–that this attack will come from the north. Now this threat is becoming so obvious it is making the secular news and even US war planners can see the danger.

As a reminder of how long Russia has been probing US defenses in North America, the third link is a recently-posted website reminder that a Russian submarine lurked undetected in US waters in 2012 for almost a month! This confirms that Russia has been, for years, scouting out ways to attack the USA and that the US defenses had eroded badly for a Russian sub to remain undetected in US waters for so long a period of time. Given the lackadaisical attitude of the Obama administration on defense matters, I seriously doubt if the US military has corrected this dangerously-neglected condition of military unreadiness.

Russia is also penetrating traditional regions of western dominance. The fourth link reports Russia has signed an agreement to have its vessels use ports in Cyprus. This means Russian warships can be resupplied and serviced at two Mediterranean locations; Cyprus and Syria.

The fifth link and sixth link pertain to the United Kingdom’s reaction to increased Russian military aggressiveness. The fifth link concerns an interview with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, in which he stated that “Russia had moved from being a partner of the West to seeing Europe as an ‘adversary.'” That is coyly-worded, but his statement was a delicate way of saying Russia is now an adversary of NATO and the West. He further discussed the need to not reduce the UK’s military spending any further, and that a Russian military threat vs. the Baltic nations (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) could invoke the “collective defense” treaty that NATO has to go to war to defend its members and called any military action by Russia vs the Baltic nations a “hard red line.” The world learned that US President Obama’s “red line” in Syria meant nothing, but I sense the UK’s Foreign Secretary meant what he said. He essentially stated that if Russia tries to re-absorb the Baltic nations just as Russia is trying to re-absorb the Ukraine, it could mean NATO would go to war with Russia. This is serious business, folks!

The United Kingdom has also issued a direct warning to Russia on economic/geopolitical matters. Foreign Secretary Hammond also threatened that the UK would “broadcast the financial secrets of the Russian ruling elite as part of the information war against the Putin regime,” and added that Russia is now “‘the single greatest threat’ to British national security.” Tough words, indeed! That release of sensitive Russian information, if taken, could become a two-edged sword. If the British release the dirty secrets about Putin’s and the Russian elite’s financial dealings, I suspect Putin and Russia will release all it knows about the dirty financial secrets of the American, British and western elites in retaliation. I’d bet that the secret files that Edward Snowden brought to Russia and the activities of Russia’s spy services know a great deal about the financial corruption of the West’s ruling elites. Indeed, having been threatened by the UK in this regard, Putin may opt to strike first and unilaterally release all the dirty laundry of the West’s ruling elites to the global media. That would mean releasing all he knows about the inner activities of the Obama administration, the European leaderships, the US Federal Reserve and the European central banks, the actions and manipulations of the Wall Street banks in global monetary and commodity markets, etc. that would make for some very interesting reading throughout the world. Indeed, the release of massive amounts of information about the insider financial dealings by the West’s elites might be so explosive that it could lead to the fulfillment of another biblical prophecy: the collapse of the world elite’s global financial/ monetary/commercial empire–called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18. Bible prophecy reveals such a latter-day collapse of the elite’s global world financial empire is certain; what is not clear is the date on which it will occur or what will trigger that collapse. You can read more about this momentous prophesied event in my articles, The Babylonian Origins of the Modern Banking System, and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall: Ushering in a New “Beast” System?

If we are seeing this much tension between the global powers erupt openly via media reports, imagine how bad it has now become behind closed doors in the world’s power centers all over the globe.