Steven M. Collins
August 25, 2008
Previous blogs at this website have examined the possibility (or “probability”) that the USA and the West have already deployed weaponry which appear to be “invisible” to the human eye (and maybe to radar as well). A previous blog about the destruction of the Syrian nuclear weapons site being built with North Korean help discussed the possibility that the aerial vehicles which carried out the attack utilized a new “invisibility” technology which enabled them to carry out that attack without the sophisticated Russian defensive systems being able to detect or repel them. It is still possible that American or Israeli aircraft utilized advanced ECM (electronic counter-measures) techniques to carry out the attack without any losses, but that may only be a cover story for what really happened.
A previous blog included a link documenting that a British tank has already been successfully “cloaked” with an invisibility technology. It is one thing to cloak an advancing tank, but quite another to “cloak” a flying aircraft. The technology would have to hide an aerial vehicle from all angles of perspective to be truly effective. It is my belief that if such a weapon has not yet been developed, it is close to being deployed. Please consider the following surprising biblical and secular evidence.
The Bible states that mankind was created “in the image of the Elohim” (i.e. “the Godhead” itself). Psalm 8:5 states mankind was made “a little lower than the Elohim” (the KJV incorrectly renders this as “angels” as the translators apparently couldn’t bring themselves to accept the meaning literally). The pre-Flood world went through its “industrial revolution” and had a division of labor society like our own where full-time musicians, metal-workers, and agriculturalists all pursued their own professions (Genesis 4:20-22). The book of Jasher records that pre-Flood mankind were mixing the species of animals (Jasher IV, 18). This can only be possible with genetic engineering, which is only possible with high-tech labs at least as advanced as we have today. Daniel 12:4 prophesied the latter days would be a time when “knowledge would increase,” and Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:37 that the pre-Flood society would mirror the society on earth in the latter days. The word “increase” in Daniel’s prophecy is the same one used to describe how the waters of the Deluge “increased” on the earth in the Flood of Noah’s time (Genesis 7:17), so this means Daniel’s prophecy calls for an exponential increase in mankind’s knowledge in the latter days, even as the waters in Noah’s time increased exponentially upon the earth. Until God confused all the languages at Babel after the Flood (making all nations suddenly illiterate), mankind was rebuilding the pre-Flood technologies to the point that Genesis 11:6 records God observing: “…nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” God meant that literally.
A common misconception is that the tower of Babel was a high ziggurat. That makes no sense. God could care less how high a building is constructed. The “tower of Babel” represented a quantum leap in knowledge that had to be stopped because it was not within God’s plan to have mankind again deploy such high technologies until the latter days. When you consider that Genesis 11:4 records mankind was building a “tower” whose “top” would “reach unto heaven,” you can better appreciate this when you put it in a high-tech context. We have lots of “towers” today whose “tops” (or nose-cones) “reach unto heaven” when they are launched. Think Cape Kennedy moon-shots, Saturn rockets and ICBMs, and you will better understand where mankind’s technology was at just before God supernaturally cut off all pre-Flood knowledge from the nations by making them not only unable to understand each other but also rendering them unable to read anything in the pre-Flood language as well. This effectively put mankind “in the stone age” as every nation had to develop its own writing system for the new spoken language God gave each nation. If you want more information on the high-tech age of Noah’s time, one of the audio messages at this website addresses that topic. For purposes of this blog, I wanted readers to understand the Bible has both a historical and prophetic context for high-tech knowledge (and weaponry) in both very ancient and modern times.
The first link below discusses the “Vimana” aircraft which the historical writings in India record existed in very ancient times. These accounts relate that ancient mankind not only had aircraft, but that they could make them “invisible” and that they possessed what sounds like “death ray” weapons. It is my belief that this record preserves an account of the military aircraft which existed in the time of Noah and perhaps also in the immediate post-Flood period before God confused their languages. If mankind had “invisible” aerial vehicles in Noah’s civilization, Daniel’s prophecy that latter-day mankind would experience an exponential increase in knowledge and Christ’s prophecy that the latter days would mirror the time of Noah takes on new meaning. This first link also mentions there was an ancient propulsion system based on the powers “latent in mercury.” The ancients apparently had advanced their scientific knowledge far ahead of where our scientists are today. That is, unless our scientists have unlocked the secrets of mercury and created such propulsion systems within modern, secret, “cloaked” aircraft. There are so many “UFO sightings” (in which aerial craft come into view and then suddenly “disappear” or they make movements no conventional craft could make) that it argues that there really are such mostly-secret aerial weapons (“aircraft” in the conventional sense wouldn’t really describe them) in modern arsenals.
Let’s look at some accounts that an awareness is leaking out that the USA (and perhaps other nations) have “invisible” aircraft already. The second link reports that scientists have made considerable progress in understanding how to render objects “invisible” by refracting or bending light around them. It also reports that two substances are essential in this process; Silver and Magnesium Flouride. The third link below reports that engineers in the USA, Japan and the UK are all working on invisibility technologies although no one is willing to acknowledge the existence of operational weapons systems (which is hardly a surprise). Remember the British already have demonstrated the existence of an invisibility cloak for tanks (see blog archives for this story), so this technology is already way past the research stage anhas already been made operational to a degree already. If this much has been officially released, how far have the secret technologies advanced? [Star Trek fans will understand it when I say that maybe those cloaked “Klingon Warbirds” already have modern counterparts.]
The population of the earth was shocked when the atomic bomb technology was revealed for the first time in warfare (it was so secret that even Vice-President Truman did not know about “the Manhattan Project” until he became President). The Stealth Fighters unveiled in the 1991 Persian Gulf War also amazed the world. Perhaps a new war in the future will reveal invisible weaponry and other weapons systems so advanced that the world will wonder “who is able to make war” with those who possess such weaponry (see Revelation 13:4). Don’t expect to see any “official” acknowledgment of these weapons systems until they are used in combat for the first time.
The fourth link below adds more information re: how close mankind is to deploying invisible weaponry. It reports that “airplanes are ideal objects for cloaking,” and that “Scientists predict that invisibility will be possible for objects of any shape and size within the next decade.” I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one Air Force in the world already has squadrons of such aircraft deployed and useable. The USA has reportedly invested mega-billions in “black” weapons projects in recent decades which do not show up in any budget report and we have long had technologies and computing power available which make the 1960s look like the “kindergarten” era of modern science. Remember that the USA went to the moon with vacuum tube technology and slide-rules four decades ago during that “kindergarten” era of modern science. One wonders how far the secret weapons projects have advanced since then?
Christ’s prophecy that the latter days would mirror the pre-Flood civilization means that we should expect modern mankind to again reach the same technological “tipping point” that mankind was at perhaps four millennia ago when “nothing will be restrained from them that they imagine to do” (Genesis 11:6). I think we are already there…in secret labs and facilities that no government acknowledges or talks about.
Mankind did not evolve. Evolution is impossible by any scientific explanation. Those who believe in evolution are fools (Psalm 14:1). Mankind was created as a very special creation of the Divine Elohim. the Divine Elohim made mankind “in their own image and likeness” (Genesis 1:26-27). Adam and Eve were made with mind-power in the image of the Elohim (!), but they were limited by mortal bodies which can die. Adam and Eve sinned and mankind has been in a “fallen” state ever since. God has had to intervene both at the time of the Flood (Genesis 6) and at Babel (Genesis 11:7-9) to prevent mankind from destroying itself with technologies which it lacked the character to control properly. Matthew 24:21-22 prophesies another such period is at hand.