Steven Collins
September 8, 2008
There has been much discussion about the crisis in Georgia by the global media. It is clear that Russia has embarked on a period of reassertiveness which will be backed by bullets if necessary to insure Russia’s “red lines” are not crossed. One of those “red-lines” is that it will not allow Georgia or the Ukraine to join NATO. Russian military forces are still in Georgia to insure that this message is delivered to the West. In a show of solidarity with Georgia, the leaders of the Ukraine, Poland, and some Baltic states flew to Georgia to declare their support for Georgia’s President and independence from Russia.
How quickly things can change. It has been reported that the West’s intelligence agencies had much to do with the Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” and the election of Ukraine’s President Yushchenko who is pro-NATO. Scarcely had President Yushchenko flown back to the Ukraine from Georgia when he faced an internal crisis within his own government that could lead to new elections which could oust him (Vladimir Putin works fast!). The first link below details these machinations which include President Yushchenko accusing his Prime Minister of “treason” for reportedly acting in Russia’s interests. One can see new elections occurring soon in which a pro-Russian leader could replace President Yushchenko. The link cites a “senior US official” as saying the Ukraine and Georgia would still be offered NATO membership. Whoever made this statement is espousing sheer folly. As the link notes, such membership means NATO “would be committed to war” if Russia invaded the Ukraine after it obtained NATO membership. Russia has served notice that it views NATO membership for Georgia and the Ukraine as an existential threat to Russian survival and that it will use whatever force is necessary to prevent it. Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based at seaports now belonging to the Ukraine so Russia would have no choice but to take military action to prevent its fleet from losing its home base. 
It would be utter folly for NATO to commit to a war that it cannot fight. The USA has no army troops to commit to such a war as the American army is already worn out from overdeployments and the USA has still refused to boost its army to the size necessary to safeguard its superpower commitments and interests. The USA has no troops to send. Neither does Europe, which has all but disarmed itself after the “end of the Cold War.” In its policy toward Georgia and the Ukraine, NATO has reversed the wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous axiom. NATO is now “speaking tough and carrying a little stick.”
The second link below reports that the aroused Russian bear is driving the militarily weak nations of the EU closer to the USA for their own security. Facing a militarily-active Russia on its eastern borders, European nations have been jarred out of their complacency and they now realize that closer cooperation with the USA is now in their best interests.
Now for the report that relates to the headline of this blog. The third link below reports that a secret reason why Russia attacked and bombed Georgia was to prevent Georgian air bases from being used by Israeli air force jets in an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. The report, by Arnaud De Borchgrave for UPI, reveals that Georgia had a secret agreement with the Israelis to allow Georgian airbases to be used in an attack vs. Iran, but the Russian air strikes have now rendered the Georgian airfields inoperable. If this report is true, it indicates that Putin’s intelligence services very likely have “moles” inside all of the governments of the former “near abroad” nations of the old USSR as well as inside the nations of the old Warsaw Pact. Obviously, with the USA backing Georgia’s NATO application, Georgia’s airbases could just as easily have been used by either Israeli or US jets to attack Iran, so Russia’s attack upon the Georgian airbases thwarts the plans of both the USA and the Israelis. It also serves notice that there will be a major cost if the USA attacks Iran. If the USA attacks Iran, Russian tanks may given the green light to advance into all the nations located in the Caucasus.
The great powers do not realize it but they are acting out a script which was prophesied millennia ago in Ezekiel 38. Ezekiel 38:2-6 prophesies that Russia (Meshech, Tubal, Magog) would be allied to Iran (Persia) in a large alliance of nations in the latter days which will launch a military attack against the nations of the latter-day ten tribes of “Israel.” The leader of the Russian-led alliance is called “Gog” in the prophecy. Will Gog prove to be Vladimir Putin? We’ll have to watch events to see if this ultimately proves to be the case, but Putin is certainly acting in that role today more than any other Russian leader. There is no question that Russia is acting in behalf of its prophesied Iranian ally in thwarting a US or Israeli attack against Iran via Georgia. This greatly complicates any planning that the West or the Israelis had re: an attack vs. Iran. The Russian militarism is also pushing the nations of Europe into a closer alliance with the USA, but this insures that all of the ten tribes of Israel will be “on the same side” when this Russian-led attack comes in the future (which also fulfills biblical prophecy). 
The God of the Bible is showing that he is in overall control of the nations as our latter-day age draws to its conclusion in the years ahead. Fulfilled prophesies are an important proof that the Bible is the literal Word and Revelation of a Divine Creator, who says he regards the nations of the world as “a drop of the bucket” or as negligible as the “small dust of the balance” (Isaiah 40:15-17). The Creator has made galaxies and billions of stars. He has designed and created every species on earth. The elites of the nations think they are controlling events. They are not. They are being controlled to act in a manner which will fulfill all of God’s prophecies. In Isaiah 41:21-26, God challenges everyone to see that he really is the true God and Creator of all things by watching his ability to implement his biblical prophecies millennia into the future.
God has authored many biblical prophesies about the climactic period at the end of this age called “the latter days” or “the time of the end.” Despite what atheists and detractors say, God is “batting 1.000” in fulfilling all his prophecies so far. I expect he will continue to do so. If you wish to see a detailed examination of how God has accurately fulfilled many biblical “latter day” prophecies so far, I invite you to read my article entitled “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter-Days?” If you wish to see an examination of God’s biblical prophecies for the future, I invite you to read “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III.” If you do, you will see how specifically biblical prophecies are being fulfilled today. God’s prophecies offer us a glimpse into what God has predetermined will occur in the future. Since biblical prophecies are stunningly accurate so far, you might as well “have a look” at them and see for yourself that they are true!