Readers of this blog have for some time seen blogs at this website indicating that there was a new realignment of alliances occurring in the Mideast, with many Sunni Islamic governments steadily drawing closer to the Israelis in a new alliance to resist an increasingly-imperialist Iran. It is gratifying that others are now starting to see the same thing occurring. A reader of this blog sent me the link below in which another blogger analyzes the growing alliance between the Israelis and the Sunni Arab governments.

Some of what he reports are items which I have reported months ago at this website, such as the increased intelligence cooperation between the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations and Egypt’s open act of alliance with Israel when it allows Israeli warships (including a strategic missile-equipped Israeli submarine) to traverse the Suez Canal to deploy closer to Iran. However, the blog below reveals important new information about how the new Mideast alliances are taking shape, and I am passing them on to readers of this blog. It reports that the Fatah wing of the Palestinians and the Saudis blamed Hamas for the recent war between Hamas and the Israelis in Gaza, and that the Saudis even arrested a cleric who made anti-Israeli statements about that war. That is a remarkable event! This also opens the door for a possible agreement to be reached between the Israelis and the Fatah Palestinians while the Iranian-supported Hamas will be left out of the deal. Sunni Arab governments are also denouncing Iran in their official media outlets with vitriol “once expressed toward the Israelis.” This, I think, is an effort by the Sunni Arab governments to gradually move the “Arab street” into perceiving their new enemy to be Iran, not Israel.

Interestingly, this link reports that even Shiites in Iraq have a very low support level for Iran, the Shiite expansionist power. This bodes well for Sunni-led Iraq to join the other Arab Sunni governments in looking more favorably toward the Israelis as a necessary ally against the Iranians. Jordan and Egypt are tilting strongly toward the Israelis while Syria and Qatar are moving into Iran’s corner. Syria has long been an Iranian proxy so that is no surprise, but Qatar is an important Persian Gulf state that even hosts a large US naval base. Given Qatar’s move toward the Iranians, US naval forces stationed in Qatar better watch their backs in the event of a war with Iran.

The link reports that in March, an Israeli Knesset Member stated that  “a ‘wall-to-wall coalition’ of Muslim countries, including ones that don’t even have diplomatic relations with Israel, had sent them secret messages expressing their support for military action against Iran.” This link opines that in any Israeli-Iranian war, the cooperation of Sunni Arab governments with the Israelis will be secretive. I personally think it will be more openly shown. If Iran openly attacks the Sunni Arab nations and their oil facilities in a move to create a new “Persian Empire,” I think the attacked Sunni Arab states will openly fight Iranian forces while the Israelis are doing so. Maybe President Obama will even finally “get it” that the Israelis are his allies, not his enemies. If Sunni Arab nations are expressing their solidarity with the Israelis behind closed doors to President Obama, expect Obama’s negativity toward the Israelis to diminish.

While Syria, Lebanon and Hamas are proxies of Iran, Iran is itself a proxy of Russia and China, the powerhouses of the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38. Well before there was any public evidence of this trend happening, I wrote that an anti-Iranian alliance between the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations was likely to emerge. This was based on the fact that Ezekiel 38:2-6 did not list “Ishmael” as one of the members of the Gog-Magog alliance although Iran (“Persia” was clearly mentioned. The Ishmaelites are the modern Sunni Arab nations. God’s hand will shape modern geopolitics and events to ensure that his biblical prophesies are fulfilled, just as he promised in Isaiah 41:21-26. Relying on God’s prophecies to be fulfilled in our latter-day period of time is always a good strategy!