Revelation 17-18 prophesy that Babylon the Great (the end-time unholy alliance of the globalist “merchants of the earth” and their allies in governmental positions–the “kings of the earth”) will take a very hard fall in the latter days just before the arrival of the beast system on the earth. More events are confirming that the cracks in Babylon the Great’s foundations are widening.

In an event little-reported to (and even less understood by) the American people, the nation of Iceland just held an election and served notice to the big banks that their people refused to bail out the debts of Iceland’s government (see first two links below). In other words, they have refused to bail out the big banks to whom Iceland’s government owes money. The first link notes that 93% of the nations’ voters said “no” to the bail-out and that this vote expressed the “depth of the Icelanders’ rage” at the big banks. The second link also notes that “ordinary people…are being asked to shoulder through their taxes a burden that was created by irresponsible greedy bankers.” This sentiment is spreading. An earlier blog at this website cited a report that Germany’s population is in no mood to bail out the Greek debts which Greece owes to other big banks. If more and more nations have their citizens refuse to bail out the debts of their sovereign governments, the big banks will eventually collapse as their loans go bad. Will this trigger the fall of Babylon the Great’s system? Stay tuned!

The third link (from the Huffington Post) cites a striking development. A Nobel Laureate and a former Chief Economist at the World Bank has stated that the structure of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board is “corrupt.” That such an establishment figure would make this statement indicates that major changes are coming in the global financial system and this “trial balloon” indicates these changes may be imminent. This statement strengthens the hand of those in Congress who want to audit the Fed. The fourth link (also from the Huffington Post) reports that the Treasury Department is very opposed to the effort in Congress to have the U.S. Federal Reserve Board audited. That is hardly a surprise because the Treasury Department has been little more than a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Board ever since Congress foolishly gave control of the U.S. monetary/financial system during the Bush administration to former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson when he was serving as U.S. Treasury Secretary. Tim Geithner, the current U.S. Treasury Secretary, is a former top official of the Federal Reserve Board. See how one hand washes the other in Babylon the Great’s system? The Fed and the Treasury Department are, no doubt, scared that whatever shenanigans the Fed has done over the years will be revealed to U.S. citizens and the world’s nations if such an audit is authorized. As I’ve noted in previous blogs, German Prime Minister Angela Merkel has openly criticized the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, so sovereign nations are getting upset with the Fed as well.

The final link below (a column by Froma Harrop seen in my local newspaper), reports that Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker is working inside the Obama administration to impose a “Volcker rule” to make sure the large Wall Street banks are cut down to size so none of them are “too big to fail.” Paul Volcker is an imposing figure with much gravitas, and I recall his strict measures that tamed inflation a few decades ago. The column states that “Wall Street has hired a legion of lobbyists to stop meaningful reform,” and a senator is cited as saying Wall Street still “owns the place [Congress].” The article observes that the Volcker reforms, if enacted, would transform the big banks into smaller entities which could be pushed off into “oblivion” if they fail in the future.

With a former Chief Economist of the World Bank and a former Fed Chairman arrayed against the current Fed Chairman and a former top Fed official who is now running the U.S. Treasury Department, it is evident that the elites are having a civil war behind the scenes amongst themselves for dominance. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that Babylon the Great (the current system) will lose that war, and that a new system (the beast power) will take its place after “seven heads and ten horns” (various nations or global entities) take coordinated action to take down the current global money system. That “take down” is drawing closer.