My previous post warned that China’s leader and the official Communist Party media outlet are creating a war hysteria vs. the USA, and that this is not being reported to the American people except via a few media outlets such as the article in the Washington Times. Confirmation of this danger to the USA from China was sent to me by an source that sent me these two links.
The first link cites a presentation in San Diego by a US Navy Captain who is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and Information Operations for the US Pacific Fleet (a very high ranking and credible source). [For the information of some, a US Navy “Captain rank” is far higher that a “Captain” rank in the Army or Air Force. A navy Captain is the equivalent pay grade of an army or air force Brigadier General if I recall correctly.] He warns about the “threat from China” and China’s “ambitions to sink American warships (emphasis added).”  His presentation added that there were more serious Chinese threats he could not discuss, but he did reveal that China in 2012 “sent seven surface action groups and the largest number of submarines on deployment into the Philippines Sea in its history.” He further warned that “the PLA navy is going to sea to learn how to do naval warfare…[China’s] navy is focused on war at sea, and sinking an opposing fleet.” While reading this link, please notice a number of related links at the end of the article. Many of these additional links relate to the rapidly growing military threat from China…about which the American public knows little or nothing. The information in the first link corroborates the warnings I just gave in my previous post. World news is certainly confirming that Ezekiel 38-39 is being fulfilled ever-more obviously in our modern time.
The second link reports that in a recent confrontation, a Chinese warship locked its weapons radar on to a Japanese warship… the step taken just before firing weapons at an opposing warship. This indicates something close to a war footing now exists in the maritime regions of the Pacific Rim nations close to China. This link also has many links regarding a wide range of global hot spots Including Israel’s positioning of their missiles in anticipation of a Syrian collapse.
Many of the links attached at the conclusions of these two articles will offer a wealth of information, many of which are individually worthy of a blog posting. However, there is so much information now worthy of comment that there is no time to do posts on each such topic. Readers will find a wealth of information in these articles and their many related links. My thanks to the person who sent me these links.