Steven Collins
August 12, 2008
Captive in our own landHere is a link with some information which will not be emphasized in the national news. You are all, no doubt, aware of the continuing mortgage/housing crisis which is intensifying in the USA. There are numerous articles and stories about that fact. Some of these stories have cited the incredibly large number of unsold and/or foreclosed properties in the residential property markets. This huge surplus of “supply” in the housing market is occurring at the same time that a major decline in the purchasing power and liquidity of American consumers is creating a reduced “demand” for such properties. This has to lead to a continuous decline in American property values until some point of equilibrium is obtained in the markets. Either prices must fall a lot more or more buyers must come into the market to reach that equilibrium point.
The link below details that foreigners and foreign Sovereign Wealth Funds are buying up “tens of thousands of discounted foreclosed homes across the country.” One West Coast mortgage broker is acting as an agent for an anonymous foreign national fund which has earmarked “$29 billion” to buy up distressed US properties. If just one property broker is serving to buy up a vast swath of US properties for just one foreign government’s sovereign fund, one wonders how many properties are being bought up all across the nation by brokers representing the sovereign wealth funds of many other nations. The link mentions Abu Dhabi, Norway, Singapore and Kuwait as having large sovereign wealth funds which could be buying up US properties. Given the gargantuan dollar surpluses now located in China, Chinese sovereign wealth funds could also be buying up large tracts of US real estate. Russia’s dollar surpluses from its energy businesses could also buy up many American properties.
Past blogs at the “Gog-Magog Blog” have discussed the intense Russian and Chinese spying which is occurring within the USA. No doubt, the intelligence agencies of these nations will instruct the sovereign wealth funds of these nations re: which US properties would be most helpful in supporting their espionage efforts against the USA. Some American properties may be bought by the wealth funds of enemy and rival nations because of their proximity to key US infrastructure sites so they can used as bases for sabotage in a future war with the USA. Terrorists could also buy up American properties via anonymous foreign brokers in order to launch terrorist attacks from certain properties located within striking range of intended targets within our nation. There is no end of the dangers that one can foresee when we realize that some of the foreign buyers will have evil intent against the USA and their purchases will be hard to identify amidst a flood of foreigners buying up US properties.
The USA is starting to pay the penalty of its many egregious financial sins. Proverbs 22:7 states one major financial law which automatically affects even evolutionists and atheists who deny God and the Bible. It states “the borrower is servant (or “slave”) to the lender.” The “slave” status of excess borrowers is now becoming very apparent in the national and world economy. Private citizens, corporations and local governments which have borrowed too much money are now having to “pay the piper.” The US government is the largest “excess borrower” in the world, and it too will have to “pay the piper.” US government leaders may wish to pursue various courses of action, but the extreme indebtedness of the US Treasury is now tying their hands and subordinating US national decisions to the interests of lenders in foreign nations.
For example, numerous articles have been written about a possible US strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. If the US government had not sinned so terribly against the immutable law of Proverbs 22:7, it would have much more freedom of action to do so. However, now it must consider the attitudes of its lenders. China is one of the USA’s largest “lenders” and it does not want the USA to attack Iran. China could dump hundreds of billions of US dollars on the world financial markets to punish the USA (the “borrower”) if the USA does not do want China (the “lender”) tells it to do. China could also simply stop buying any more US debt offerings. The USA is learning that it cannot ignore financial laws that are stated in the Bible.
Americans are also losing their homes in large number due to the fact that they violated the law of Proverbs 22:7 in their financial decisions. If America (and Americans) had been obeying the law of Proverbs 22:7 (i.e. if they had lived within their means), these very painful foreclosures would not be happening. The USA (and Americans) have forgotten God and the immutable laws of the Bible in every aspect of life, and we, as a nation are starting to reap the penalties of our actions. Certainly, other nations have also engaged in the same sins and they are reaping the same punishments as well.
Deuteronomy 28:12 is located in a chapter that lists the blessings for nations which obey God and the curses which will befall nations which disobey God. It includes this blessing for nations obedient to God’s laws: “…you shall lend to many nations, and you shall not borrow.” The USA used to honor God far more in its national and individual decisions. During that time, it was the world’s largest creditor nation. After the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s and the permeation of US academia with evolutionary fables, the US became a much more sinful nation. Lust and greed made governments, companies and citizens alike borrow too much. Now foreigners are buying up vast swaths of US properties and assets, and their ownership of US properties will give them increased control over the USA’s domestic life. This was prophesied in Deuteronomy 28:43, which is located within a list of the curses which will befall nations which disobey God. It states: “The stranger [foreigner] that is within you shall get up above you very high; and you shall come down very low.” This is happening with each property being bought up by a foreign owner as the previous American occupant is booted out of his previous property or residence.
History repeats itself. Biblical laws are spiritual laws which apply to both people and nations whether they believe in God or not. Americans are slowly being “sold into captivity” within their own land as they increasingly rent their homes from foreign owners and work at corporations which have new foreign owners. This trend does not have a happy ending. If you want to see how this same process has unfolded repeatedly in the history of ancient nations, I invite you to read my article entitled “What Kind of Captivity?” available for free at the articles link at this website.