No doubt many readers are familiar with the questions raised about whether Barack Obama is Constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States. Specifically, these doubts focus on the inability (or unwillingness) of Obama to prove that he is a native-born U.S. citizen. No naturalized-citizen can legally serve as President due to the Constitutional requirement that only native-born citizens can serve as president. Those who doubt Obama’s eligibility are called “birthers,” and the establishment desperately wants them to “go away.” However, their numbers are growing…substantially. The possibility of a Constitutional crisis is growing greater due to this issue. If Obama is eventually shown not to be a native-born citizen, it means that none of his appointments, acts, signings on Congressional bills or executive orders have any validity.

The first link below reports on just how large a percentage of the U.S. population now doubts the eligibility of Obama to serve as President. A scientific poll indicates that 32.6 percent of Americans do not consider Obama to be a “legitimate” president, while 51.5 percent do consider him to be a legitimate president and 15.8 percent are “not sure” if he is legitimate. This is unprecedented in American history. One year into his term of office, 1/3rd of Americans do not regard him as a legitimate president and almost half either regard him as not legitimate or they are nor sure about eligibility for the office. The establishment media will almost certainly not let Americans know about this poll.

This deep and growing doubt about whether Obama is a legitimate president is almost certainly affecting national politics whether the media and government wish to acknowledge it or not. The Democrats have done unusually poorly in elections held since Obama was elected. Obama easily carried Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts in the ’08 presidential elections. However, the GOP crushed the Democrats in statewide elections in Virginia in 2009 and the GOP carried the governorship of New Jersey in 2009 even though Obama himself put his reputation on the line and campaigned heavily for the Democrat candidate. Now in a complete shock to the Washington, DC establishment, a Republican rather handily won the Senate seat in Massachusetts held for decades by Ted Kennedy. While it is true that jobs, health care reforms, the mindlessly-huge federal deficits and Obama’s subservient bailouts to Wall Street banks all worked against the Democrats in these races, I think the “birther” issue is a “sleeper” issue that voters will not tell pollsters about (and one about which pollsters won’t ask in exit polls). The first link reveals that almost 15% of Democrats (!) do not consider Obama a legitimate president and over 30% of Independents share that view. You can be sure that this large share of the electorate will not be voting for Obama’s re-election and they are not very likely to vote for Democratic candidates for Congress either as long as Obama is president.

As the “birther” issue becomes a very important issue among American voters, it presages a very bad result for Democrats in the fall elections as the voters who doubt Obama’s legitimacy to hold the presidency will almost certainly be voting en masse against Democrats to weaken Obama’s hold on power. Obama could become a political albatross around the neck of the Democratic party. The fact that Democrat candidates lost statewide elections in New Jersey and Massachusetts even though Obama campaigned for them indicates that Obama has “reverse coattails” even in the “blue” states.

Many millions of Americans have no doubt seen the evidence against Obama’s eligibility for the Presidency via internet emails over the last year. I’ve been sent many such emails, and I’ll bet many readers have seen them as well. The second link details many of them. The most persuasive are Obama’s unwillingness or inability to prove he is a native-born citizen via a legal birth certificate and the reports that he attended Occidental College on a scholarship that only non-American citizens could apply for or receive.  If you click on the link entitled “the documentation includes” as you read the second link below, you can peruse much of this evidence for yourself. The second link also reports that a number of U.S. states are working on measures to compel future presidential candidates to prove they are native-born citizens before being nominated for the presidency, and billboard messages saying “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” are sprouting up across America  (the link shows one in Las Vegas).

The U.S. Constitution was, I believe, inspired by God himself who worked through the signers of the U.S. Constitution who prayerfully drafted that document. If God decides to assert his power over this nation via the provisions of the Constitution, our nation would be dramatically changed for the better.  If enough people pray to God to do that very thing, he might do so. II Chronicles 7:14 records God’s invitation to his “covenant” people to pray to him to “heal” their lands when sin runs rampant in them. God could answer many such prayers by asserting Constitutional powers via the legislative and judicial branches to rein in the executive branch’s usurpation of many powers not given to it in the Constitution. If anyone doubts that the United States of America is a “covenant” nation which was founded and blessed by the Creator God of the Bible, I invite you to read my article, “The USA in Bible Prophecy” at my website’s homepage. Indeed, forward it to your friends who also care about our nation. We need national repentance, and we need it soon. God is the One who blessed and favored the USA. The more our nation rebels against biblical laws and mocks God in our national culture, the more we invite God’s Divine punishments upon our nation.

The growing doubts about Obama’s eligibility to serve have huge implications. If he isn’t actually eligible to serve as president, none of his orders as Commander-in-Chief to the U.S. military are valid. I think all military officers take oaths to “protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.” Their sworn loyalty is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any particular man or president. Think about the consequences of this possibility. The final link below details, one case where a U.S. military officer refused deployment orders (apparently successfully) because of doubts about Obama’s eligibility to serve as Commander in Chief.

Also, if he is not eligible to be president, Obama’s Executive Orders have no validity and anyone who obeys them could later be subject to legal liabilities. If a large (and growing) percentage of U.S. voters do not believe he is eligible to be president, the entire legitimacy of his administration to govern the nation is at risk.

Of course, Obama could defuse this whole issue by producing his legal birth certificate, opening his college (and other) records to full public disclosure, etc. The fact that he is refusing to do so implies that doing so would reveal he is not eligible to be President. As more millions of Americans come to doubt Obama’s eligibility to be president, it seems to me that a Constitutional/governmental crisis (or an electoral earthquake) looms in our future.