Previous blogs have cited many reports concerning China’s massive spying efforts against the USA. There is no let-up in these spying efforts, and American federal agencies responsible for safeguarding American military secrets seem amazingly inept at their jobs (as we will see).

The first link below is a report from a Tennessee newspaper about an Emeritus Professor at the University of Tennessee named J. Reece Roth. Professor Roth was just sentenced to a four-year prison term for “more than a dozen crimes” in assisting Chinese espionage re: US military secrets. Specifically, he was sentenced under the terms of the Arms Export Control Act. Professor Roth had graduate students from China and Iran working with him and he was arrested upon returning from China where he handed over US technology re: unmanned Air Force drones to the Chinese. Hmm. He had a Chinese and Iranian graduate student. China is spying on the USA in a massive way and is expanding its military to defeat the USA in a future war. Iran calls the USA “the Great Satan. Could this have been a clue worth investigating some time ago? Why are Chinese and Iranians allowed to work on high-level military research projects in American Universities when their home nations are rival nations to the USA? Those wanting more technical details on this case can check out the FBI’s own report in the second link.

An Australian news source reported that Chinese computer hackers stole a massive amount of technical data about the USA’s new F-35 fighter (which has not yet been built). According to the report, the Chinese “spies were able to siphon off ‘terabytes of data related to design and electronic systems'” of the F-35 fighter. This story, originally reported by the Wall Street Journal, should really be disgusting to all American citizens. Where were the security personnel who were supposed to be guarding this vital national security information? Were they simply inept or were they paid to “look their other way?” China has vast sums of surplus dollars to offer as bribes to anyone in any sensitive position. I hope US security personnel check out possible foreign bribery of assigned computer security staff in every case of Chinese, Russian or Iranian thefts of US military secrets. The fourth link cites this same massive theft of F-35 data by China and adds that there was also a previous breach of sensitive F-35 design data two years ago. I wonder how many “security breaches” haven’t yet been discovered or reported? I hate to sound cynical, but if China is stealing “terabytes” of information about the F-35 design plans, there is a chance that China will be building the new F-35 fighter before the USA ever gets it off the drawing board! The US military badly needs the new F-22 fighter airplane to replace it aging inventory of warplanes. The F-22 is already being built and is more advanced that the F-35.  However, President Obama wants to cancel the F-22 program. Perhaps Obama needs the money to bail out more of his cronies on Wall Street, instead.

You would think the extensive and longstanding robbery of military information from the USA would wake up the federal agencies to start doing their job of protecting the American people and America’s interests. Think again. The last link below is from the Washington Times, and you will need to scroll through the document to read the “Commerce and China” segment. It details that an anti-arms proliferation group found that the US Commerce Dept. granted an export visa to a new Chinese Company so it can “receive certain sensitive controlled commodities from the US without having to apply for individual export licenses.”  In other words, it seems this action gives such Chinese companies the power to loot whatever they want from the USA while bypassing normal security examinations. One problem though. The “new” Chinese Company was found to have the same street address as a Chinese company previously sanctioned by the US government in 2006 for illicit exports to Iran or Syria.”  A private watchdog group found this very obvious problem with the “new” Chinese company even though the US federal agencies charged with protecting US secrets couldn’t (and can’t) see any problem here. Good grief! How can any Chinese company be allowed to receive such easy access to US technology? Don’t these bumpkins in the federal government know that all information and exports sent to any Chinese company will be examined by the Chinese Communist Government to see if they can find something useful to their war preparations efforts vs. the USA? The Communist Party runs, monitors or controls all corporations in China.

Blogs in the archives of this website will confirm that I previously criticized the Clinton and Bush administrations for “not minding the store” when it came to guarding American secrets from China, Russia and other rival nations. It is apparent that in the Obama administration, there is still nobody “watching the store.”

Ezekiel 38-39 warn that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will eventually militarily attack the USA and the western world at the end of this age. It is now obvious that they will do so with at least some of their weaponry based on stolen US technology. If you have any doubt that the terms “Israel” or “House of Israel” (identified as the targets of this future Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack) identify the USA and its NATO allies in Bible prophecy, I invite you to listen to my new half-hour message entitled “The USA in Prophecy” which you can listen to by clicking the “speeches” link at this website. If you listen to it, send the link to everyone who you wish to warn about what the Bible has prophesied for the future of our nation.,25197,25368297-31477,00.html