The first link demonstrates how modern scientists are now able to “levitate” small objects via the use of focused sound waves. It is really a quite extraordinary video-clip and it indicates one more example of how “science fiction” is becoming “science fact.” This cancellation of the force of gravity via sound wave focusing is really quite remarkable! It shows that the levitation technology works using liquid droplets, plastic objects and metallic objects.

Doubtlessly, the real extent of the development of this technology is not being revealed. Personally, I believe that the technology is far more advanced than is publicly being acknowledged via this video link. I wonder how large the objects are which can already be “levitated” in secret laboratories around the world. This confirmation that levitation technology already exists confirms several biblical prophecies. In Genesis 11:6, God observed that mankind had already reached a technological tipping-point approximately four millennia ago that it could do anything “which they imagined to do.” This was at the “tower of Babel” incident where God confused the languages of all mankind to divide them into separate nations and cut off their access to any pre-Flood technology that was accessible via the pre-Flood language and written materials they then had. To gain more insights into how technologically advanced mankind then was, I invite you to listen to my audio message, As It Was in the Days of Noah. The post-Flood but pre-Babel generations of mankind had access to all the pre-Flood technologies and were attempting to rebuild them on the earth, in my judgment. Matthew 24:37 cites a prophecy by Jesus Christ that the latter-day period of mankind’s history just prior to his return from heaven would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah. We can gain insights into what pre-Flood mankind could do by understanding the technologies that post-Flood mankind were trying to rebuild. God saw that post-Flood mankind was very close to rebuilding all the pre-Flood technologies, and the only way to stop them was to cut off mankind’s access to pre-Flood knowledge. That was accomplished by God’s “downloading” new languages into the minds of every human being on earth at Babel. To put it in modern parlance, God downloaded a new “language software” program into the brains (the “hardware”) of every human being then alive. Obviously, nations formed amongst the people who could speak the same language.

The new levitation technology also fulfills Daniel 12:4 that “knowledge shall be increased…at the time of the end” (verse 1). This is similar to biblical prophetic language referencing the “latter days” of our current age before Divine intervention occurs. It is easy to read over this phrase and not appreciate its meaning. The Hebrew word used from which the English word “increased” is derived is the same Hebrew word used to describe how the waters at the time of Noah “increased” on the earth (Genesis 7:17). This prophecy means the knowledge levels of mankind in the latter days will be increased exponentially in the latter days, even as the waters of the earth increased exponentially upon the earth in the time of Noah. In other words, there will be a global “flood” of knowledge in the latter days. This is happening before our eyes all the time.

I’m sure that readers are aware that there are many megalithic structures around the world that modern scientists have no idea how ancient mankind was able to cut, transport and move these giant stone blocks flawlessly into place. Such structures include Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, various megalithic sites in South America, etc. Ancient mankind was obviously able to move and place monstrously heavy stones that modern mankind could not do at present. This confronts us with the very uncomfortable conclusion that modern mankind was far more advanced technologically than is modern mankind. The second link shows photos of some almost-unbelievably large and heavy megalithic structures in a wall recently found in remote Siberia. Notice in the photos the tiny human being standing in the photos for scale comparison. Since the Flood destroyed everything on the surface of the earth, the megalithic structures on the earth had to be built by post-Flood mankind but prior to God’s cutting them off from all pre-Flood knowledge by changing everyone’s language. Perhaps these large megalithic structures were moved by a very advanced “levitation” technology that could cancel out the force of gravity long enough to place them into their desired position.

The “levitation” technology achievements in the first link may mean an advanced form of acoustic resonance of some kind moved these ancient megalithic stone blocks, however, I’d like to propose a second theory. The earth’s magnetic fields have tremendous power in them and they flow throughout the earth via “ley lines.” You can feel the power of magnetic force by trying to push two small magnets together when their same polarity points are facing each other. The repellent force is very strong. Giant magnets lift scrap metal all the time. If ancient civilizations were able to focus the earth’s own magnetic fields in such a way that they could exert a repulsive magnetic force underneath a megalithic block in a quarry sufficient to cancel out equally the force of gravity upon it, they could effortlessly move the megalithic block into its desired position and then “drop” it into place by switching off the mechanisms that focused the magnetic forces holding it up. Again, this is only a theory. Unquestionably, they did have a technology which enabled them to move gigantic stones that modern mankind’s technology could not yet do.

The uncomfortable conclusion is that modern mankind has not yet caught up to the technological levels exhibited by ancient civilizations in the megalithic structures they left behind. The development of “levitation” technology shows that modern mankind is making significant strides in catching up to ancient civilizations’ technologies–fulfilling Genesis 11:6, Matthew 24:37 and Daniel 12:1-6. 

I’d like to express my appreciation to the reader who brought one of the links to my attention.