Two recent blogs followed the bizarre story of a Maltese ship carrying Finnish timber to Algeria with an all-Russian crew that “disappeared” in busy shipping lanes.  As the link below, notes the missing ship was found by a Russian warship near the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa. The fact that a  Russian warship found the ship apparently unharmed gives me a gut feeling the Russians knew where it was all along and the Russian warship didn’t so much “find” the ship as rendezvoused with it.

We will likely never know the story of what this missing ship’s mission really was; however, it closes on an even more mysterious note. There have been a flurry of conflicting and confusing reports about this ship, but a Russian spokesman now stated that “bogus information was deliberately passed to news media” …to hide the “true actions of Russian forces.” This statement would seem to confirm that the missing vessel had something to do with a Russian secret mission, the purpose of which was concealed from the world.

The Russians just did something bizarre on the world scene, but if anyone else knows what it was, they are not talking.,2933,539926,00.html