In my previous blog about the bizarre case of the missing merchant ship, I mentioned some of topics covered in previous blogs at my website. I thought I’d do one blog reminding readers that they can easily access all previous blogs at my website and learn much information that is just as important now as it was the day it was first posted.

My previous blog mentioned some of the stories of international intrigue and geopolitical struggles that are either not reported on or which quickly disappear from the mainstream media. I mentioned the story of the unbelievably-large sum of phony(?) US Treasury Bonds which were being smuggled into Switzerland from Italy by two Orientals (who were then mysteriously “let go” by legal authorities). Those two smugglers must have either had powerful behind-the scenes sponsors or had diplomatic immunity (in which case they were agents of a foreign government). I also cited the bombing of the “secret” Syrian nuclear reactor for which no one took credit, and the bombing of a convoy in Sudan of weapons ostensibly headed for Hamas for which no one took credit. One very important story was the mystery ship (which I think was Iranian) which reportedly was loaded with Chinese nuclear material at a Chinese port and was supposedly headed toward Europe via the Suez Canal when it happened to be hijacked by Somali pirates who died of radiation sickness after seizing the ship. If it had not been hijacked, it could have veered eastward after transiting the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea and exploded itself as a nuclear “dirty bomb” just off the Israeli coast in a major terrorist attack. These stories are discussed extensively in previous blogs and have the web-links to the original media stories that first appeared about each story. There have been several blogs about the development of “invisibility” (or “cloaking”) technology and how this radical new technology could be used in future wars or in enabling the prophesied beast and false prophet (mentioned in the book of Revelation) to dupe the world’s population into thinking they are doing miracles when they will actually be performing “high-tech tricks” of magic, fulfilling the prophecy of II Thessalonians 2:9 that “lying (faked) wonders” will be done to affirm a future world leader who will be the antichrist.

Other blogs have covered the Chinese and Russian rearmaments programs and the development of the supersonic Russian “Sizzler” cruise missiles which were specifically designed to overwhelm US carrier defenses and sink US carriers. Chinese subs have been reportedly outfitted with these missiles. The US has no reported defense yet against these missiles. Did you know Russian bombers have “buzzed” American carriers as well? The Ten Tribes blog has blogs about the discovery a previously-unknown Scythian (Israelite) city found submerged in an Asian lake with evidence of advanced metallurgical techniques. Also discussed are the “Great Wall of Parthia” which was built to keep invaders out of the Parthian (Israelite) Empire and the efforts of the current Iranian government to destroy Parthian artifacts and other pre-Islamic archeological sites. There is also a story on the finding of the tombs of the Israelite Kings, Omri and Ahab, at the ancient site of Samaria. The media links documented in these stories are always provided with the blog so you can do your own follow-up research on each story if you wish! There are many blogs following the economic/geopolitical news about the current “Babylon the Great” system of Revelation 17-18 that currently dominates global commerce and politics.

There is a wealth of information in the archives of this blog. Newcomers to this website will especially benefit from reading them as they document the truth of the Bible in ancient history and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in modern events. To access the archives blogs, you can click on the “archives” links on the right-hand side of the blogsites and simply click on a month to review the blogs that were written that month. You can read the ones you find fascinating and then click on a different month’s archives and continue to do so till you have “mined” the blog archives for information on vital topics.

I’ll close with one last piece of information about the only link included below. I’ve done a number of blogs about the ultra-secret Chinese efforts to develop a new Weapon of Mass Destruction. It involves combining nanotechnology applications with human genome research to develop “nanotechnology “bombs” which can be air-delivered or air-burst over cities and regions in which the Chinese desire to sicken or kill off human populations and leave all physical structures and assets unharmed for Chinese troops to come in and later occupy. The genome aspect of this bomb means that such a bomb could be individualized to kill off selected races of humans or simply kill off all humans while allowing livestock to live (read Ezekiel 38:12-13 and Revelation 9:1-6 with this new weapon in mind). This is a frightening new way the prophecy of Matthew 24:22 could be fulfilled. It prophesies that unless God intervened to save mankind, all flesh would go extinct at the end of this age. Every military and intelligence service in the world wants to know how far this Chinese “doomsday” weapon is progressing. I did a Google search on this topic and was quite surprised to learn that two of the most-read links on the global internet on this “secret” topic are my blogs (see link below). My website has millions of “hits” per year. Whoever is “out there” reading my blogs can be assured that I will do my best to continue to provide them with biblically-based reports about modern world geopolitics in the future.