Hi Mr. Collins,
I really enjoy your books and lectures.  I have found them to be most useful in developing a further understanding of all things biblical.
While listening to the lecture you gave on Ezekiel 38-39 some recent current events came to mind that I think may be relevant.  I am a Canadian and want to pass along to you some recent news stories that I doubt gets any coverage in the US.  
It seems as of recently the Arctic is all of a sudden a hot issue with both Russian and Canadian governments not only claiming stakes there, but also working to militarize it.  It is also interesting to realize that many other House of Israel nations are involved in this dispute as well (see link two).
 Your theory of the Russian led attack against the House of Israel from the  far north  against the people living in the land  gathered from many people  (Canada is also known for being very multicultural as well as the US) as mentioned in Ezekiel 38 should make us all stop and think.   This will spell disaster for the House of Israel as represented by Canada and the USA if Russia does in fact militarize the Arctic.
Thanks for all of your great work
Your Ephraimite friend Michael

Hello Michael,
I did a blog on Russia’s desire to militarize the Arctic a few months ago and it can be located in the archives from earlier this year. The links you sent are a worthwhile reminder of the growing danger that Russia poses to North America, and they confirm the developing world conditions which will eventually lead to a fulfillment of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy. I’m sharing them with readers of this blog.
Thanks also for your positive comments about my books and lectures. I would like to draw your attention to a new audio message now available at the “speeches” link of my website. It is entitled “the USA in Prophecy” and it is a recording of a message I gave at an Evangelical Christian Church, Church at the Gate, here in Sioux Falls, SD where I live. It is a half-hour, condensed version of the material in my books and my writings about Bible Prophecies for America. I hope you benefit from it. It was part of an event urging people to repent and pray for our nation.
USA in Prophecy Audio Link