This post is about a subject which I think is very important–more important than many might realize. There have long been legends and reports about the White House being haunted by ghosts and spiritual presences. The first link relates that First Lady Melania Trump insisted that the White House be “completely exorcised” before she would enter it. This would elicit howls of scorn from the atheist establishment, but I think this was a huge step in the right direction. The link adds that President Trump acceded to her request and that such an exorcism was done and that the White House was blessed in a Christian fashion. It reports that a volume of idolatrous art-work and demonic artifacts leftover from the Obama administration were removed. It also adds that the purged White House still had Haitian art present which dated to the time of the Clinton administration. Haiti is well-known for Voodoo practices. The second link details some of the demonic aspects and roots of Haitian Voodoo religion.

The action of First Lady Melania Trump to have all occultic influence and images removed from the White House is very important from a biblical perspective. Before explaining why, let’s examine just a few of the many stories and reports of occultic/demonic activity at the White House in many past administrations. The third link states that the wives of Presidents Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were all interested in or practitioners of occultic crafts to greater or lesser extents. Occultic presences and practices were invited into the White House to a large degree during the administrations of Pierce and Lincoln due to the desire of their wives to communicate with the spirits of departed family members. Mrs. Reagan had a deep interest in astrology and astrological advice affected the White House’s scheduling activities due to her interest. The third link also mentions that famous author, Robert Woodward, addressed reports that Hillary Clinton sought to communicate with the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi when she was First Lady in the Bill Clinton presidency. During one presidency, the presence of spirits was so strong there was a desire to have them photographed. You can read the third link for a more detailed report on these occurrences. A number of the aforementioned First Ladies reportedly saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House when they lived there.

The fourth link reports that “ghost sightings” in the White House were especially common during the years 1919-1945. It lists reports of additional ghost sightings or occultic presences in the White House during the presidency of Harry Truman, and that the “ghost” of Abraham Lincoln was so evident in the White House at times that Queen Wilhelmina of Holland and Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, both saw it when they were guests at the White House. It also discusses the report that Hillary Clinton “channeled” the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt so she could hold conversations with it.

The fifth link relates a forgotten fact about the Lincoln administration that few realize. It is an article from Smithsonian magazine, which reports about extensive occultic activity at the White House initiated by Lincoln’s wife as she held seances and did other occultic things to contact the departed spirits of her deceased sons. Reportedly, Abraham Lincoln sometimes participated in these activities. At that time, the practice of “spiritism” was apparently popular and acceptable in High Society in Washington, DC. In what is truly a bizarre twist, President Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth both consulted with and shared the same spiritist “medium or advisorThe full story of this little-known aspect of American history is detailed in the fifth link, and I urge readers to read that article as it gives an entirely new perspective about extensive occultic practices that have occurred at the White House.

Much more is available on this topic and readers can do web searches for more information on this topic if they wish to do so. Some reports may be fanciful and others are well-documented. The links detail reports that are publicly-known. Who knows how many occultic practices and demonic activity have been present in the White House at various times about which we know nothing? Let’s now put this into a biblical perspective.

The Bible is very clear that there are good and evil spirits in the spirit world which is normally invisible to human eyes. This earth was originally the planet where vast numbers of angels lived prior to mankind’s creation [For a more in-depth examination of that time, please read my article, Is the Earth 6000 Years Old?–Hint: it is far older and may be billions of years old.] When the ruling spirit of that world, Lucifer, rebelled against his Creator and led many millions of angels in an invasion of the Heavenly domain of the ruling Elohim of the Bible (the Beings we call God the Father and the pre-existent Jesus Christ), they were defeated and cast back down to an earth which was destroyed as a result of this war in the spirit world (Job 38: 4-9, Isaiah 14:12-16, Ezekiel 28:12-19,  Luke 10:18, Jude 6-13). The Luciferian world was what we call the prehistoric dinosaur era and it lasted a very long time. It was wiped out when Lucifer and his angels were hurled back to earth and there were apparently meteors or heavenly objects hurled back with them as the huge Chicxulub crater would indicate. The bad news is that these fallen angels are still here, fighting God’s plan, attacking his people and deceiving  humans-especially the rulers of nations. It makes sense that fallen angels would be drawn to the White House as it is a seat of great temporal power. II Corinthians 11:13-15 warns that Satan and his “ministers” (spirit or human) can dupe people by passing themselves off as “angels of light.” In other words, they can dupe people by pretending to be spirit beings who are here to “enlighten” us when they are actually trying to destroy and use the very people they are pretending to “enlighten” or “empower.” Some people of God have even had to “wrestle” with these fallen beings (Ephesians 6:10-12). The “wrestling” can be taken in either a literal or spiritual application.

After the fall of Lucifer and his rebellious angels, the earth was a destroyed and became a darkened hulk (Genesis 1:2 and Jude 6:13). When Adam and Eve and all modern life forms on the earth were created in a literal seven-day week, God was re-creating life on the earth. He re-formed the earth, made it habitable and filled the seas, skies and surface of the earth with many kinds of life. When Adam and Eve were created, it is clear Lucifer had become Satan at some prior time as he was already there to tempt them and cause them to fall from spiritual sinlessness (Genesis 1:3-3:24). Fallen angels can sometimes appear and masquerade as the ghosts of deceased individuals. One account of this happening is in I Samuel 28:7-25 where Israel’s King Saul sought a medium or “channeler” who summoned a spirit to take the form of the deceased prophet, Samuel. Good angels are also present on the earth and the concept of guardian angels is indicated in Matthew 18:10. We are also told in Hebrews 13:1 that humans sometimes “entertain angels unawares.” In other words, we sometimes can be interacting with angels without realizing it as good angels can also manifest as human beings when God tells them to do so.

The Bible is clear that when national leaders seek “familiar spirits” (channelers, ghosts, etc.), they risk God’s wrath and vengeance. In I Samuel 28:7-25 when King Saul of ancient Israel consulted a medium to learn the future, he (to use Star Wars terminology) “turned to the Dark Side.” His destruction followed in the wake of that act as Saul’s Israelite army was defeated by the Philistines and he and his sons died in that battle (I Samuel 31). This shows nations can suffer for the sinful acts of their leaders. My bookParthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, details another such occurrence. Parthia was a powerful empire dominated by the descendants of Israelites who were carried captive into Asia. Parthia’s Israelite empire fulfilled a prophecy in Isaiah 14:2 that the descendants of the Israelites who were carried captive into Asia who eventually rule over the kingdoms and empires that had held them captive. The Israelite Parthians did, indeed, rule over the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians and Seleucid Greek kingdoms that had, in turn, held them captive for centuries. Parthia ruled from circa 250 BC to 227 AD in South Central Asia and Mesopotamia. After Parthia had won a massive and costly war with the Roman Empire in the third century AD, one of their emperors, Artabanus IV, sought occultic guidance when the native Persians revolted. Echoing what happened at the end of King Saul’s reign, Artabanus’ army lost to the Persians and he lost his own life. The Parthian empire quickly fell and its massive millions of people were forced to migrate toward Europe via the Caucasus Mountains/Black Sea region to seek new homelands in Europe during the centuries that followed the fall of Parthia in 227 AD. [It is also worth noting that occultic influences were heavily present in the White House during the administration of President Lincoln. He also lost his life quickly after the Civil War ended.]

This is a very deep subject, but I want to close with some comments about Melania Trump’s insistence on having the White House exorcised of evil spirits, negative energies, idolatrous images and artwork, etc. In the above accounts, did you notice that it was invariably the wives of US presidents who invited evil spirits or occultic activities into the White House? This fits the pattern of the original fall of mankind wherein Satan tempted Eve and got her to fall into sin so she could pull her husband, Adam, down as well. By influencing the wives of presidents, evil spirits can insinuate themselves into the White House to influence decisions so that terrible mistakes can be made by decision-makers. This same dynamic goes for every other nation on earth as well, but this post is focusing on US history. Melania Trump is apparently the first First Lady in US history to reverse this process. Through her insistence, her husband, President Trump, had the White House cleansed of evil spirits, dark energies and occultic artwork and images by Christian pastors before the First Family moved in. It was Melania Trump who reportedly led the effort to have the White House go through this process. Typically in such a process, pastors or a prayer team will go through a house or building and pray in each room commanding evil spirits and past dark influences to be removed from the location and be forbidden to return, and this is done in the name of Jesus Christ. The process will also include the anointing of each room with oil, symbolizing the Holy Spirit, to bless and protect each room or space. It may also include the placement of these oils in a cross on walls and doorways to claim them for God the Father and Jesus Christ and his kingdom. [Just for the record, I have personally witnessed this process and have performed it myself.]

Melania Trump comes from Slovenia, a nation in Eastern Europe. This Balkan region of Europe has not been so permeated by and subjected to the false fairy-tales of evolution as has happened in most Western societies. Where evolution has duped the people or nations, they increasingly become benighted about the realities of the spirit world. Perhaps Melania Trump came from a region of the world where people retained some awareness that there are such things as good and bad spirits, good and bad influences, etc. Whatever the reason, I highly commend her as she initiated a very wise and long overdue action. While we are witnessing a human political war as Trump and his allies try to “drain the swamp” and remove the power of the Deep State from the USA, I firmly believe there is also a spiritual war occurring as part of this great struggle. The evil spirits who had, for centuries, created entrenched strongholds in our nation’s capital and its inner circles do not like being cast out of the White House. They did not expect that to happen and this greatly weakens their influence over the levers of power in the USA. However, the Deep State is fighting back and the spirits who guided and empowered the Deep State are fighting to reassert their control. Christians and God-fearing people of all types should pray that God would strengthen and protect President Trump and all human efforts to uproot the dark presence of the hidden Deep State from America’s Body Politick and to expose the Deep State’s members and all their hidden secrets (Matthew 10:26-27).

It is my view that we are entering the period of the latter days when the global “Deep State” called Babylon the Great in Revelation 13, 17 and 18 is beginning to totter and lose its power over the nations. While it will fight back with all the deception and power it can muster, it is doomed to experience a complete collapse–as Revelation 17-18 foretells. The surprise Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, the unexpected election of Donald Trump as a nationalist US president, and the rise of nationalist parties and governments all over Europe are part of the process that is weakening the power-base of Babylon the Great’s global system ruled by its insider elites who serve only their own interests (Revelation 18:2-3). For more in-depth perspectives on above-mentioned topics, please read my articles: Are we Living in the Biblical Latter Days? and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast Kingdom? We live in epic times. I think Melania Trump’s insistence that the White House be “completely exorcised” of evil presences and influences is more important than we realize. As a result of her insistence, the Creator God was invited back into our nation’s seat of power. Personally, I believe God takes notice of such events.

My thanks to a reader for sending me the first link.