Last year, I did a year-end blog post to give readers some insights into who their fellow readers are and how many are visiting this website. In 2009, there were about 5.6 million “hits” at my website, and in 2010, that number has risen to about 7.7 million “hits.” This represents about a 37% increase in one year, and this represents solid growth since my website started in 2007 “from scratch.” All categories (visitors, pages, Kbytes downloaded, etc.) have also experienced similar increases in traffic. As this year draws to a close, there has been a large upward spike in all categories of traffic at my website in the last three days of December due to my one-hour interview with TruNews.com, which was aired on December 29th on three separate shortwave radio frequencies. The host of the TruNews.com program has indicated he wants to do several more interviews with me in 2011 on a variety of biblical topics. For those who have not yet heard the shortwave radio interview, you can listen to it at this link.

Among the most popular items accessed at my website are:

The most common “search strings” via which people arrive at my site via websearches are:

  • the ten tribes of Israel
  • various forms of my name
  • a variety of topics involving China’s military
  • (surprisingly) whether South Korea has nuclear weapons (I did one blog post on that topic)

In any given month, my website is accessed by people in about 100 nations, but in December, 2010  the number of people coming to this website reached 111 nations. My website data only lists the top-ranked nations that are coming to my website, and I’ll share that information with you. The data is limited by several factors. All visitors to the website who have “.com,” “.net,” or “.org” domain names are not identified by nation, and the number of visitors coming from these domain names constitute 3/4ths of all visitors to my website. There is another odd factor. About 13% of all visitors to my website are classified as “unresolved” as the website data program cannot determine where these visitors are coming from—indicating that either there are software problems in identifying their nation of origin or these visitors are sufficiently skilled to hide their nation of origin. That means the data on identifiable nations who have residents coming to my website only counts the 1/8th of visitors who are arriving from an identifiable nation code. While the vast majority of visitors coming from the three main domain names listed above are likely from the USA,  I know some of these visitors are originating in other nations as I have friends who email me from other nations who have a “.com,” “.net,” or “.org” email address with no concluding nation code. So with that explanation in mind, here is the information of the nations whose residents are most frequently visiting my website.

The USA is, not surprisingly, the top nation visiting my website, followed by Canada and Australia in a near-tie for second place. The next most common identifiable source is members of the US government itself who have a “.gov” address in their email addresses (isn’t that interesting!).

The next most common nations of origin are, in order, South Africa, Sweden, the UK, Singapore, Netherlands, France, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, Columbia, Russia, then visitors from the US military who have a “.mil” address, India, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, Italy, Norway, Japan and the Ukraine.

There are likely a few surprises in this list for some readers! This list is only for the most recent month of December, 2010. While the top fifteen list of nations (and domain names) changes little during the year, the list of nations accessing my website the most in other months varies considerably. Other nations which sometimes appear on the top list of nations in various months have included Romania, the Philippines, Greece, Belgium, Kenya, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Malaysia, Moldova, Switzerland, Poland and Latvia.

I hope this year-end information about my website is of interest to readers. I intend to make it an annual end-of-year report to the readers of this blog site.

In the coming year, I intend to continue providing biblically-based observations about history and modern events as we enter deeper into the “latter-days” of our current age, which will be climaxed by the return of Jesus Christ to save mankind from destroying itself (Matthew 24:21-22) and to establish his 1,000-year millennial reign (Revelation 20:1-4) which will be a golden age of peace on this planet. Before we get to that millennial reign, mankind will have to live through some very tumultuous and traumatic events. As long as there is a free Internet, I intend to keep providing visitors to my website and blog an updated view of what is happening from a biblical point of view.

I wish all of you a very good New Year for you and your families and friends!