A year-end blog seemed an apropos time to pass on this information to all readers. Perhaps many of you are wondering “Who else reads this blogsite?” or “Where do the people live who read this blogsite?” While website statistical print-outs cannot answer these questions with exact specificity, they do give some general answers and I thought all of you might like seeing the website profile information that I can monitor throughout the year. Perhaps I’ll make a year-end report like this a regular feature of this website.

This website began in February, 2007 with zero readers. In 2009, there will be over 5.6 million “hits” at my website, and over 1.8 million hits in just the last three months so you can see the annualized number of hits is now around 7.4 million hits based on the last calendar quarter. Even the computer experts I deal with disagree on how many actual people are visiting this site as “hits” does not translate to actual visitors. A visit to a particular file may generate more than one “hit” and I’m not savvy enough technically to understand how many people are reading my site. However, I do know the number is steadily increasing.

Since I lack the financial resources to advertise the site, this growth is coming via word-of-mouth referrals. I thank all readers for passing on information about this website to others, and I very much hope that all readers will refer this website to their friends and church members who have an interest in the little-understood but vitally important subject of the history of the ten tribes of Israel and biblical prophetic topics for the latter days in which we live. I take very seriously God’s warning in Ezekiel 33:7-9 that biblical “watchmen” need to warn others about the dangers and threats that are prophesied to be imminent. Indeed, Ezekiel 33:8 warns that we must warn others if we see dangers approaching. I realize that not everyone will agree with all I write, but I do endeavor to give all readers thought-provoking, biblically-based material to consider. Based on reader inquiries (many of which are not posted at the website), I know that my readers include Christians and believers of many denominations as well as Jews and likely some members of other faiths. My goal is to convey important biblical information to everyone, regardless of where they re: in matters of faith or their personal walk with God.

It is difficult to report to you which nations have the most people visiting this website, but I’ll do the best I can. 76% of all “hits” originate from computers with “.com” or “.net” domain names, and these are not identified by nation. I assume most of these are from the USA, but I’m told sophisticated computer users from other nations are able to visit websites via those domain names even though they may not be Americans. Interestingly (and surprisingly) 12% of all visitors to the website are classified as “unresolved” in origin. These readers are apparently sophisticated computer users who do not wish to reveal their nation of origin or their IP address to any statistical monitoring program. I do discuss some very sensitive topics on this website and about 1/8th of all readers are able to camouflage their nation or computer of origin. How they do this I do not know as I’m not sophisticated enough to do such a thing.

I’ll now reveal to you the nations whose residents most commonly visit this website, but this is not absolutely conclusive as the website counting program cannot identify the nation of origin for many readers. After the USA, the nations of Australia and Canada are consistently the second- and third-ranking nations in number of hits. This site has many people “down under” who visit the site. 4th place belongs to “.edu” domain name users, and Sweden is in fifth place. After that is “.org” domain name users. Very interestingly, 7th place is held by readers with “.gov” domain name addresses (these are people within the US government itself who are reading my website material). Next are “.coop ” users and I don’t understand that domain name. Next in order are the following nations: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, South Africa, France, and “.mil” domain name readers (which means people within the US military). Next in descending order are the nations of Israel, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Finland, India, Russia, Japan, Germany, Argentina, Norway, Italy, Poland and Spain. The above order is based on December traffic at the site. The rankings vary in different months, and other nations which some months register in the top readership rankings are Singapore, Pakistan, Greece, Belgium, Brazil, Columbia, Trinidad-Tobago, Denmark and the Philippines. I was surprised that Myanmar was on the list for much of one month.

You may have noticed some surprises on this list. In the last half of 2009, the number of nations (and domain names) visiting the site has varied between 79-84 nations each month. Given that I write mostly about topics involving the ten tribes of Israel and the Gog-Magog alliance that is rising in Asia, it is not surprising to me that the nations most visiting my website are either modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel or Asian/Pacific nations who dwell near the rising military/geopolitical superpower–China. In case you are wondering, while Russia commonly ranks among the nations most often visiting my website each month, China and Iran have never registered at all. Maybe they are the “unresolved” category who hide their nations of origin. Who knows?

As I think many readers realize, if I was affiliated with any church denomination or organization, there is no way that I could write about many such sensitive topics on my website, which has, in some respects, become an intelligence report with a biblical perspective on what is really going on in global geopolitics. As my home page states, I am not a tax-deductible entity, and this is a deliberate decision. Tax-deductible entities have governmental burdens placed on their 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights and they may have to “pull their punches” re: what they can tell readers or avoid vital topics entirely. I have no such restrictions on my freedom of speech rights and this permits me to “tell it like it is” to those of you who read my website. While a few readers have made donations to my website to support my volunteered and unpaid research and writing time devoted to this website (my thanks to you all!), the vast majority of readers have never made a single donation. If you have benefited from the information posted at this website, I urge you to consider making a donation at this time. It can be done easily in a secure, on-line credit card transaction via the PayPal icons at the website or blogsite. Any amount is much appreciated!

In the coming year, I’ll endeavor to continue providing biblically-important observations about history and modern events as we experience more of the climactic events and trends which confirm that we are living in the latter-days of this age of mankind. The next age will be ushered in by the personal intervention of the Divine Creator Himself and it will catch almost everyone on earth by surprise. Those reading this website need not be surprised.