The April 23, 2013 issue of USA Today featured a lengthy, front-page article which offers more information about an abortionist’s pending trial for murdering live babies which survived abortions at his now-closed “clinic.” The article refers to this facility as being called a “house of horrors” by a district attorney and the story includes graphic information and first-person accounts about the killings of helpless babies at his facility.
This is an update to my previous post. The information in this article powerfully illustrates the truth of Paul’s prophecy in Romans 1:31 that in the latter days, society would have a lack of “natural affection” (or be “heartless” as my marginal Bible reference renders it). If the charges against this abortionist are true, one wonders how anyone could be so “heartless” as to do such murderous acts.
The second link relates that three of the eight murder charges against the abortionist have been dismissed by a judge but five of the murder charges remain. If convicted, the article notes that the abortionist doctor faces the death penalty.
Interestingly, although the first link was one of the front-page, featured articles in the April 23, 2013 issue of USA Today, the article was all but impossible to find at the USA Today website. A Google search for the article by its name resulted in no hits. A further Google search for the article listing both the article’s title and author turned up no hits. Only when I typed in the name of the article, the author’s name and the newspaper’s name was I able to locate USA Today’s own featured story (the first link) on Google’s site. It does appear to me that the print and electronic media are trying to “bury” this story and hide from the public the horrors of what can go on at an abortion facility. Even FoxNews had no story about the trial mentioned at its homepage today. I only found the second link when I used the “search”  feature at the FoxNews website and typed in the abortionist’s name. Congratulations to the print version of the USA Today for giving this story the conspicuous coverage it deserves.