During the last two years, I have periodically mentioned that the Mideast was being changed by a behind-the-scenes alliance being forged between Israel and the key Arab Sunni nations. One post reported that the intelligence ministers of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan were meeting on a regular basis to exchange information. The main impetus behind this developing alliance is a mutual fear or/antipathy toward the militarism and ambitions of the Iranian Shiites. Not too many years ago such an alliance would have been unthinkable, but it was midwifed by the logic of the adage: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Both the Sunni Arab nations and Israel need regional allies against the growing Iranian threat.

I recently noticed a reference in a popular media source that acknowledged this alliance as being a reality in Mideast geopolitics. The first link, from Debka.com, mentions this alliance as being a reality that has had benefits for all parties. Please read the link to see the listing of these benefits to the nations involved. Personally, I think that this alliance was becoming so strong and represented such a threat to Iranian plans for Mideast hegemony that Iran tried to arrange a regime change in Egypt by putting the radical Muslim Brotherhood in power and force out the Mubarak regime. Thankfully, the Egyptian military moved forcefully to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from power and thwart Iran’s plans.

This alliance does have a danger posed to it, as is alluded to in the first link. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel who has helped form this alliance of the four nations, is facing an election soon and if a different Israeli leader is elected as Prime Minister, it could jeopardize the dynamics of this alliance. Personally, I hope Netanyahu wins, but I will make no prediction on the outcome of the Israeli elections. It is also possible that a new leader will continue Netanyahu’s policy of pursuing this alliance as it is clearly in Israel’s interests to do so. The policy of the Obama administration in the USA in cozying up to Iran on a number of issues actually pushes the Israelis and Sunni Arabs even closer together. None of these nations can truly trust the USA as long as Obama is president. Egypt’s relations with the USA have turned chilly due to the USA’s perceived support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s power struggle, and the Saudis are chilly toward the USA due to Obama reneging on his “red line” promise in the Syrian civil war and Obama’s act of throwing Mubarak, a key Saudi ally, ”under the bus” in the Egyptian power struggle. The Israeli-American rift has been evident in Obama’s animosity toward Netanyahu that has been documented in many media stories and the US snubbing of Israeli Defense officials during their recent Washington DC visit. These topics were discussed in my previous posts.

The second link discusses a meeting facilitated by the Saudis to arrange a reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar–which supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s power struggle. As a sidebar to this story, I heard a report that the Egyptian courts have decreed that a new trial be held for three Al Jazeera journalists held in an Egyptian cell. Since Al Jazeera’s Arabic news network is hosted in Qatar, it is entirely possible that the three Al Jazeera journalists have been detained in Egypt as bargaining chips for use in Egyptian-Qatari talks. This is an important issue with the Egyptians as Qatar has been supporting the radical Hamas regime in Gaza (third link) which is also aligned with the radical Jihadis who are waging a guerrilla and terrorist war inside Egypt vs. Egyptian targets–especially in the Sinai Peninsula. Israel and Egypt both want these terrorist Jihadi forces eliminated and that has led to unprecedented Israeli treaty permission for Egypt to place major Egyptian forces inside the Sinai Peninsula (as reported in the first link).

These geopolitical struggles and realignments in the Mideast are important, as their outcome will determine which Mideast nations eventually align with the Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog alliance that will include Iran and which nations will be aligned with the USA, NATO nations and their global allies.

I doubt you will see these geopolitical trends reported in the establishment western media which seems to be preoccupied with “info-tainment” stories instead of hard news.

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