There has been a wave of media articles exposing the manipulations of the Big Banks in all kinds of financial markets. There are almost too many to cite as their insider manipulations become apparent to the world.

The first link reports that JP Morgan Chase is being investigated by the US Justice Department “over a criminal investigation of its foreign exchange business.” It also cites Barclays Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland as being targets of similar investigations. The second link examines how these currency scams can be done, and the third link reports how the Big Banks used secret chat rooms to manipulate foreign exchange markets. It also reports the Big Banks were fined $4.3 billion for their market manipulations. The fourth link reports on Bank of America’s fine of $2.4 billion because of fraud in its acquisition of Merrill Lynch and Co.

The fifth link describes how Goldman Sachs defended itself against charges that it is manipulating/rigging commodities markets in aluminum by buying huge quantities of aluminum so they can control market actions in aluminum trades. The link also reports about JP Morgan amassing large quantities of copper in 2010 to benefit its own trading positions in that metal. While the article’s headline is about these Wall Street firms defending themselves against commodities markets manipulations, the article’s content sounded rather damning of the Wall Street firms’ practices, in my opinion. It describes how Goldman Sachs “trucked tons of aluminum from one storage site to another in a ‘merry-go-round’ that delayed release to end users and increased both metal costs and bank profits.” It also reports on the use of “shell firms” by the Big Banks to construct “a major natural gas export facility.” The sixth link gives the BBC’s perspective on this commodity manipulation story.

The seventh link reports on the use of “naked short selling” by Wall Street firms and central banks to manipulate the price of gold and silver downward even during a time when the prices should be rising due to significantly increased demand for both metals. This article, although a few months old, is well worth your reading. It cites the opinion of a former assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Department under President Ronald Reagan and a former Wall Street Journal editor as saying that “the US central bank was ‘rigging all markets…'”

It is my view that there are no truly “free” markets anywhere in the major global financial markets. They are being manipulated in a self-serving manner by the central banks and Big Banks for their own benefit. Have you also noticed that even when the Big Banks get hit with civil penalties for market manipulations and rigging schemes that there rarely are any bank executives actually prosecuted for what their banks did? In the conspicuous lack of such prosecutions, national regulators exhibit a troublesome coziness with the Big Banks’ executives who either conduct or are responsible for the market manipulation schemes for which their banks are fined.

The last link has an article from the May 2009 issue of the Atlantic magazine which has likely been forgotten by almost everyone. On its cover, the article is entitled as “The Coup: How Bankers Seized America.” Inside the magazine, the actual article is entitled “The Quiet Coup.” It was written after the real estate crash of 2008 and it states at the beginning of the article: “…the finance industry has effectively captured our [the US] government.” It asserts that real recovery will not occur until the power of the “financial oligarchy” is broken. The other recent links cited about the market manipulations of the Big Banks in all kinds of financial, monetary and commodity markets indicates that the oligarchy is still running things and the US government is doing little to stop or control them. This state of affairs is precisely what Revelation 18:3 prophesied would occur in the latter days of our age when the “merchants of the earth” (big multinational corporations) and the “kings of the earth” (the national political leaders and their regulators) would be “in bed” with each other in a very corrupt scheme to enrich themselves at the expense of the world.

These links confirm that the prophecy of Revelation 18:3 has come true in our time, but these mutually-enriching corrupt schemes are being increasingly exposed by media articles and coming to the world’s attention. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that this “Babylon the Great” alliance of mutual aggrandizement will not only fall but that it will fall very hard (17:16) in the latter days when “seven heads and ten horns” (17:9-12) unite on the world scene to tear apart the financial/monetary system of the big multinationals and the politicians who are the leaders of Babylon the Great’s alliance of elites who currently control world markets. I certainly will make no predictions about when this might happen, but we are surely drawing ever closer to this fulfillment. Please refer to a post I did a few months ago about the possible significance of the year 2015 in biblical fulfillment. I’ve seen Internet articles that some market analysts are predicting a major fiscal crisis in 2015. My post offers three reasons why 2015 could have biblical significance for such events to occur.

Most people do not realize the banking industry was invented in ancient Babylon and that the lending of money at interest (usury) was a function of the ancient sun-god temples. The modern banking industry has grown global and very powerful, hence Revelation 17-18 referring to it as “Babylon the Great.” I urge readers to examine the information in my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. You will find it very eye opening, I believe.