In spite of my writing hiatus due to health reasons, a reader sent me a link which reveals some cutting-edge technology development by DARPA that I had to pass on to readers of this blog. As many readers know, DARPA is a US government agency which spends mega-billions of dollars on “black” projects which are not publicly acknowledged or known about until they are revealed. Advanced weapons systems are one of DARPA’s specialties.
The video in the link shows a mechanical “animal” designed to run at cheetah-like speed. This video confirms that DARPA has already engineered a mechanical “animal” to run at 28.3 mph on metal legs. This is quite an accomplishment, but I don’t think DARPA would be wasting its money and time on projects which are merely amusing. Is there a cutting-edge weapons project implied by this video of DARPA’s mechanical animal project? I think there is.
If DARPA can engineer an “animal” to run as fast as a cheetah, what other animal-motion projects might they be doing that are far simpler than cheetah-like speed? If you put a realistic animal skin on the mechanical cheetah framework and gave it believable sound capabilities, you could have a mechanical “cheetah” which could pass as a real cheetah. It would be much easier to develop mechanical machinery to imitate the movements of a sheep, cow, or other slower-moving domestic or wild animals. Think of the military and intelligence-gathering possibilities of having mechanical “animals” deployed into real-world environments.
For instance, if you wanted to insert an intelligence-gathering device into an area controlled by enemy forces, terrorists, etc., you would have a tremendous advantage if you could deploy a realistic-looking mechanical animal that would arouse no suspicions. It could have listening devices inside it, cameras focused through its “eyes,” etc. It could even be operated remotely even as aerial drones are now remotely piloted by real humans that might be thousands of miles away from the drone. DARPA could be developing a variety of “animals” for each climate zone so they could deploy realistic mechanical animals quickly to any place in the world for intelligence-gathering missions. Hostile or targeted groups could be listened to as they talked in the presence of a mechanical domestic animal (i.e. a mechanical sheep mingling within a herd of real sheep) without realizing that their conversations were being recorded. If a mechanical animal was equipped with an internal bomb, think of the places it could go without being suspected of being any kind of threat. It could detonate itself by a remotely-controlled operator when it reached its intended target area. A stray dog or cat could easily wander into human situations without being suspected of anything at all. They would hardly be noticed. If it was a solitary mechanical dog or cat, the odor issue would not be all that important. It would only have to be believable to human eyes for a long enough period of time to accomplish its mission.
There are many technical obstacles to hurdle before this kind of technology could be deployed. For instance, the animal world is very attuned to odors. If a mechanical sheep did not smell like a real sheep to a herd of actual sheep, I think the real animals would shy away from the mechanical one, and the phony sheep would quickly stand out to human observers. However, I’m sure DARPA has already thought of this and many other factors as they advance this technology. However, if they are publicly acknowledging that they now have a mechanical “cheetah” which can run over 28 mph, I wonder what they have engineered that they are not revealing to the public.
We are entering a brave new world, folks. Jesus Christ foretold that the latter-day civilization we live in would come to mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah. If you have not listened to my audio message, “As It Was in the Days of Noah,” available for free on my Speeches page of my website, I urge you to do so. I gave that speech in approximately 1989, so it represents the level of my research on the subject at that time. It presents much evidence that the pre-Flood world was a high-tech world like our own. The DARPA video gives us a glimpse into a project to develop mechanical “animals” which have realistic animal-like capabilities. I think DARPA has military and intelligence-gathering missions intended for their mechanical animals. This post suggests only a sampling of the kinds of missions they could perform.
Genesis 11:6 states that mankind is capable of reaching technological tipping-points where it can actually develop and implement anything it imagines to do. God stopped the technological efforts in Genesis 11 to rebuild the high-tech, pre-Flood civilization at Babel by confusing everyone’s languages not only so they couldn’t share knowledge, but also so no one could read or understand anything written or spoken in the pre-Food language. However, Matthew 24:37 reveals that it is within God’s will that pre-Flood technologies be invented and developed in the latter-day society in which we live.  
Which leaves me with this final thought to offer you. Since DARPA would surely not be revealing the full extent of their actual advancement of this project, what if mechanical animals have already been developed and deployed in real-world situations?