This post is to alert readers of my blog to a Conference that will be held in late May 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel. It is being sponsored by the Commonwealth of Israel (COI), an entity which is dedicated to promoting reconciliation between the modern house of Judah and the scattered members of the modern House of Israel.

As readers of my blog know, I have long promoted mutual reconciliation and mutual recognition between the modern ten tribes of the house of Israel and the modern house of Israel–the Jews/Israelis. The sponsors and organizers of the pending COI Conference share this goal as well. The Conference will be held in conjunction with the Jewish Shavuot festival that will be observed in Jerusalem during the May Conference, and a variety of presentations and activities are planned for those who attend.

The first link is the home page for the Commonwealth of Israel (COI), and the second link and third link offer specific details about upcoming COI events and the Jerusalem Conference. The Conference will feature presentations by both Orthodox Jewish rabbis and Christian/Messianic speakers… Both groups will interact and get to know each other in a friendly environment where participants are pledged to not proselytize each other. Efforts will be made to determine what areas of endeavor can be pursued in which both groups can join in common purposes moving forward into the future. I am eager to support all efforts that promote cooperation and mutual recognition between the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel and the modern house of Judah–which will be hosting the upcoming Conference in the historic capital of the Jewish people–Jerusalem.

It would be my honor and pleasure to attend this Conference and personally participate in its activities if I had the health to make such a long trip from the hinterland of the USA. I currently do not have medical permission to make such a trip at this time, but it is my fervent desire and prayer to be able to do so in the future so I can participate in future COI events. As longtime readers of my blog realize, I am affected by ongoing effects from past serious injuries which have limited my ability to travel and speak as I once did. I had the privilege to visit Jerusalem and the Holy Land in August 2000 and would love to be able to travel there again in the future [I solicit readers’ prayers to make that a joyful reality!].

Those who would like to participate in such a forum as COI is sponsoring and enjoy a trip to The Holy Land at the same time are urged to consider planning to attend the upcoming Conference in Jerusalem. You can obtain more details about the Conference in the links and you can also address any specific questions and inquiries you may have to the COI organizers at the “contact us” link at the COI website.