Amidst the extensive coverage of the Ebola plague and the ISIL-caused warfare in Syria and Iraq, several stories are not receiving the media attention they deserve. On such story is the fact that one of Iran’s super-secret nuclear weapons facilities blew up in a massive explosion earlier this week. The first link reports the explosion was so massive that it “rocked buildings more than 10 miles away,” and the second link adds “windows [were] broken nine miles away, all trees burned over [a] large area.” The explosion would have been felt over a wide area by many people as the blast occurred near Tehran itself.

Significantly, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu warned about Iran’s continuing nuclear-weapons development program in a UN speech on September 29th. I think the world and the global media, focused on other media stories, largely ignored his warning. It is also most significant that the Iranians had reportedly denied previous access to this nuclear facility by the world community or international nuclear inspectors. The first link states that the explosion revealed that:  “The nuclear weapons program Tehran has long denied is real.”

Obviously, the Israelis are watching the nuclear weapons development program like hawks because Iran has threatened to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.” The first link notes that Israeli intelligence agencies are suspected to have been the agents of this major disaster at an Iranian nuclear plant, but Israel is unlikely to confirm or deny anything concerning the explosion. However, the first link also reports that Israel has been watching this particular plant very closely as it released to the world “before and after satellite images” of the Iranian nuclear facility. Clearly, an Israeli reconnaissance satellite was tasked to be directly over the explosion site soon after it occurred to assess the extent of the damage. A “coincidence” I’m sure.

The possibility of an Israeli military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been the subject of considerable speculation during recent years. Several events keep happening to delay Iran from getting nuclear weapons. In past posts, I’ve documented the untimely deaths of key Iranian nuclear program scientists, the Stuxnet computer virus that set back the Iranian nuclear program and other “accidents” at Iranian nuclear facilities that also impeded Iran’s nuclear program. If the Israelis are responsible for these actions that have kept nuclear weapons out of Iranian hands, then Israel has done the world a series of favors. However, at some point, Iran’s nuclear program may reach the point where only an armed attack will be effective in stopping an Iranian nuclear bomb from being built. I think it is obvious that the Iranians must be seething at the Israelis, and will desire “pay back” of some kind.

As I’ve noted in articles, audio messages and many posts, Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy that Iran (“Persia” in Ezekiel 38:5) will be a major ally of Russia and China in the Gog-Magog alliance that will form in the latter days just before the Divine intervention in world affairs that is prophesied in Ezekiel 38:20-39:8 to massacre the Gog-Magog armies with a 5/6ths fatality rate (39:1-2). This Gog-Magog alliance is prophesied to attack the modern nations of the modern house of Israel (the modern ten tribes of Israel). The term “Israel” in Ezekiel 38 does not mean the Israeli Jewish nation called Israel in the Mideast. When the Bible refers to the Israelis/Jews in latter-day prophecies, it consistently uses the term “Judah” (as in Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14). The modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel are found in the modern western nations and most are in NATO. These are the nations that will be the target of the prophesied attack in Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy. My books offer a comprehensive examination of the migrations, empires, kingdoms and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel throughout history. If you have not done so, I urge you to order the downloadable E-book for a single-book overview and the four-book printed set if you desire the full, in-depth facts on the topic. Abundant evidence is provided in the books from secular historical sources as well as biblical information. Indeed, it is easy to prove the identities of the nations of the ten tribes of Israel using secular historical information alone. However, when combined with biblical narratives and prophecies, the identifications are very clear.

The massive explosion at the secret Iranian nuclear facility is one more in a long series of actions that will characterize the competition between the Gog-Magog bloc of nations and the Western allies led by the ten tribes of Israel (the modern nation of Judah in the Mideast is certainly part of the Israelite bloc of nations as Judah was one of the primary tribes of Israel in biblical times). If you desire some free information on the subject, please read my articles, The USA in Biblical Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.