It has happened again. Another mass murder of peaceful Christians committed by Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Media reports indicate that 150+ Christians were killed at a University in Kenya by four terrorists who have reportedly been killed by Kenyan security forces (first link and second link). However, the death toll may rise as many students at that Kenyan University are still reported as “missing.” The terrorists very deliberately targeted Christians. This kind of murderous activity is going to eventually provoke a response to protect Christians from Jihadi terrorists. This post opines about what form that response might take.

I wasn’t sure which blog category to post this at, but placed it here as it deals with Islamic terrorism, which now is having a major effect on the Shiite-Sunni war within Islam that is now raging in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc. As the death toll rises from Islamic terrorism, it is only a matter of time until a firm response occurs. Thankfully, Islamic terrorism is being opposed by the Egyptian Sunni government in Libya and within Egypt’s own borders, by the Sunni Kurds within Syria and Iraq, and by Saudi Arabia against Shiite terrorists (or rebels supported by Iran) in Yemen.

When I heard this story, I had a thought about what kind of a reaction may eventually be provoked by the repeated actions of Moslem terrorists attacking/crucifying/beheading/kidnapping Christians in various nations. Remember the French Foreign Legion, which was composed of volunteers from many nations fighting in the service of France’s overseas interests? What if a kind of Christian Foreign Legion is formed to rapidly send well-armed Christian volunteers to rescue Christians wherever they are attacked and to attack those who harm Christians?

Do you think that this is an unlikely option? How likely do you think it might be if Pope Francis openly calls for the establishment of such a force and invites Christians from all nations to join it? Then the chances for such a force rise dramatically don’t they? Pope Francis strikes me as an interventionist type of Pope who will be active in world geopolitics. He is reported to have midwifed the rapprochement between historically-Catholic Cuba and the USA (third link). The Communist Party greatly downgraded the Catholic Church’s role, influence and power in Cuba during the Castro years. Pope Francis likely saw an opportunity to restore the role of the Catholic Church within Cuba by arranging better US-Cuban relationships. He may also see an opportunity for expanded influence for the Catholic Church in creating a response force to oppose Islamic terrorism vs. Christians.

In response to Islamic terrorism vs. Christians, Pope Francis has already called on Muslim leaders to firmly oppose and stop Islamic terrorism (fourth link), and he called for more vigorous opposition to Islamic terrorism after they struck inside France (fifth link). Apparently, I’m not the only person who thinks some kind of “Christian Foreign Legion” may be formed in response to a Papal call for such an force to come into existence. In doing a web search on this topic, I found the sixth link, which explores the possibility of the Pope calling into existence just such a force. Interestingly, it cites the urgent request by a Chaldean Christian Patriarch in Iraq calling for the creation of a “professional, well-equipped army” to protect Christians from Islamic terrorism.  Could such a force be in the offing?

If Pope Francis calls for the creation of such a force, I can see dominant Catholic nations such as Italy, Spain, Poland, France and many Latin American nations (Pope Francis is the first Latin American Pope, remember) responding to the call. Indeed, the French Foreign Legion still exists and has members from 140 nations in its ranks (seventh link). Could it form the model for a Christian Foreign Legion?

Keep in mind, I’m not specifically predicting this will occur, but am pointing out that it is a distinct possibility. If it occurs, there is a vital question fraught with political difficulties. That question is: Under what nation’s flag will it be formed? This led me to another thought. What if, in the interests of accommodating all nationalities and denominations, such a force forms under the auspices of the Vatican itself? The Iraqi Chaldean Christian Patriarch called for a “well-equipped army.” Such a force would need to be a Rapid Reaction Force with tanks, artillery, special forces units, anti-tank armament, etc. It would need its own air force to transport its soldiers and equipment into zones where Christians are under attack. Imagine how wildly popular Pope Francis would be if such a force was formed and it successfully rescued and protected Christians around the world?

Hmm. Just the thought of an actual “Papal Army” being formed can surely ignite prophetic expectations and speculations among Christians of all denominations who follow latter-day biblical prophecies. Could such a force even be called upon to guarantee the safety of all people of all faiths who wish to journey to the Holy Sites on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Would such a force be a resurrection of the medieval Knights Templar, a military force fighting under the Papal banner? The medieval Knights Templar eventually became so powerful that a Catholic Pope called upon Christian kings and political leaders in Europe to end the order. I think the thought of a Papal army independently intervening in world crisis locations scares many national governments. However, it is the longstanding passivity of the governments of traditionally-Christian nations in the face of Islamic terrorism which could cause just such a force to come into existence.

The future possibilities are numerous, aren’t they? The more murderous and widespread the Islamic Jihadi attacks vs. Christians become, the greater becomes the possibility that just such a force will be formed.