You likely saw or read, as I did, many articles and TV segments from the Dubai climate conference that “man-made global warming” is responsible for a significant boost in global temperatures this year. The first link is one such example. It warns that global temperatures have risen 1.46 degrees Celsius “since pre-industrial times,” and it blames “human-caused climate change” from using fossil fuels. I can’t help but observe that a change of less than 1 and 1/2 degrees Celsius since “pre-industrial times” isn’t much of an increase. The article didn’t mention what year it defines as a “pre-industrial” comparison to modern temperatures. Industry existed all over the world prior to the US Civil War, so that small an increase in over 250 years isn’t much a swing at all. That surely must be within the normal temperature variations that the earth itself can produce from varying degrees of sunlight/heat from our own sun. That blazing star in the sky has far more impact on our planet’s temperatures than cow farts and how many people use their gas-powered cars.

I’m not denying the earth is in a warming cycle. I’m, putting it into context that the cumulative change over the last 250 years is very minimal. The first link cites a reliable scientific measuring index going back to 1940, and then it leaps from that study into a wild claim that it can conclude that we just had the warmest decade “in about 125,000 years.” What scientific measuring tool exists that has a continuous measuring system that goes back 125 millennia? There isn’t one. This kind of wild conjecture doesn’t even get challenged by the mainstream media. Indeed, there was a global warming period in the Viking era circa 1000 AD that may be warmer than our current temperatures, and that Viking warming period had no “industrial” gases.

Even though much of the world has had rising temperatures this year, there are some breathtakingly cold areas. The second link discusses that Siberia (a huge portion of eastern Russia) has had unimaginably cold temperatures (-50 to -70 degrees). It is unusual when we get as low as -20 degrees here in the Northern Plains of the USA, so I can’t imagine such Siberian cold! There may be a problem with the global circular wind patterns that so much cold stays in one place and so much heat in another place.

The third link is a post I wrote which concerned an incredible report that 1,600 scientists signed a statement that man-made global warming is a hoax. That is a very high number of scientists, and their assertion got very little coverage in the controlled media as their assertion didn’t support the politically-correct narrative that mankind is causing temperature increases. If it was widely reported that huge numbers of scientists assert there is no global warming crisis, then all the people-control crusades by the unelected administrative states of the nations would lose all credibility. If the 1,600 scientists are telling an unpopular truth, then President Biden would have no reason to tell people they can’t have their gas stoves or gas-powered cars. I intend to do a post on electric cars before too long as that is another scam being perpetrated on the masses that needs to be examined much closer.

The fourth link is a post I wrote just a few months ago citing climate scientists warning that 2023 would be a warmer year by perhaps 1.5 degrees Celsius due to an underwater volcano which erupted in the remote Pacific Ocean in 2022. The climate scientists stated that the underwater volcano was one of the most powerful blasts in the last century, and that it hurled many trillions of gallons of water vapor into the atmosphere where it would act as greenhouse gases and warm the earth’s climate for several years. How many “global warming” articles have you read that correctly attributed the rise in 2023’s global temperatures to a huge volcano in the South Pacific last year? If that truth were made widely known, it would reveal that this year’s rise in temperature is attributable to the volcano’s effects, not any man-made global warming.

When God made the earth, he pre-positioned the elements of the earth to facilitate industrial development on the part of mankind. When the Israelites were being led out of Egypt in the Exodus and were about to enter the Promised Land, God made a statement in Deuteronomy 8:9 that the land they would eventually inhabit would have iron and copper metals for them to use. God is not against industrial development as long as it isn’t used to harm others or become an object of idolatrous worship where mankind “worships the work of its own hands.”

Don’t expect the insiders in the governments to abandon their “climate religion” that requires confession of a creed that acknowledges that mankind is causing global warming and also that the elites must control the masses to solve that “climate problem.” It would be great if the truth was widely known. The nations could again use fossil fuels without guilt and simply do so in more efficient ways.