The two links below offer two perspectives on a story that is mostly under the radar of Americans’ awareness. The federal government is embarking on a major criminal investigation of “approximately 50 executives and directors of US banks that have collapsed during the financial crisis” (see first link for this quote). The second link reports that “pressure is high on regulators to identify and prosecute bankers for any wrongdoing…” It is not known which banks are the target of this investigation except it is known that top bankers at the failed IndyMac bank are targets of this investigation.

Besides the above criminal investigation, the first link adds that there are civil lawsuits pending by the FDIC “against  some 80 bank executives, employees and directors.” It remains to be seen if theses will be “slap on the wrist” investigations to appease an angry US public or whether they will really have “teeth” in them. In order to have any meaningful effect, these investigations would almost surely need to result in convictions to assuage public anger at the banks and bankers which caused so much economic disruption.

Once these investigations start, I would not be surprised if some of the targeted top-level bank executives turn “state’s evidence” and begin revealing criminal activities by top-level bank executives in large Wall Street banks which did not fall and are currently still in business. If the investigated bankers can “cop a plea” by fingering even bigger fish at some of the most politically-connected banks, then this investigation could broaden to have serious implications for the entire Wall Street/banking industry.

Some of the top-level bankers being investigated no doubt once thought they were in “safe” positions in “too big to fail” institutions. There are likely top-level bankers in various banking institutions who currently think they are “safe” in institutions that are “too big to fail.” Their day as targets of federal investigations may be coming in the future after the next major banking/financial crisis hits.

These are more signs that additional fractures are undermining the top-level banks and bankers who enjoyed the rich benefits of being at the top of the food-chain of the modern Babylon the Great financial system based on central banks and the banking system. Revelation 17-19 prophecy our current financial/monetary system is going to experience a global collapse in the latter days. While we do not know what the specific trigger will be that sets that collapse in motion, these investigations have to be considered as one more possible trigger for such a collapse if hitherto-secret and very sensitive information from the innards of the Big Banks gets released to investigators, foreign nations, investors and the general public. If you have not yet read my article, What Kind of Captivity?, which reveals that the modern banking system was invented in ancient Babylon, I urge you to read it soon. Then you will understand why the Bible refers to our banking-based, modern financial system as “Babylon the Great.”