My writing Sabbatical is being interrupted to post what I believe is an important news item that readers of this blog need to see as it is highly unlikely the establishment media will cover this story. Indeed, if the establishment media reported on this story openly, it might cause a panic. In a previous blog post, I discussed the shifting of the earth’s north magnetic pole. The north magnetic pole shift has now accelerated to the point it is moving 40 miles a year, but scientists are now worried about the major effects that this magnetic pole shift may have on our planet’s weather. They are warning that major “superstorms” of all kinds are likely to affect the earth’s nations, and that there could be such major shifts in weather patterns that food supplies will be disrupted, causing “societies, culture and whole countries to collapse” or that they will “go to war” to seize scarce food and commodity supplies.

One superstorm that is discussed in this article is Cyclone Yasi which hit Australia. Its effects were so devastating that it may have created a new inland sea on the continent of Australia. This cyclone was so strong (190 mph winds) that a new category may have to be invented to classify it. The article cites climate researchers who warn that future superstorms may have “300 to 400 mph” winds. Think what that could do to a coastal city. One major earth change that could be caused by the magnetic pole shift is that the earth’s entire magnetic field may “dip, flip and disappear.” The earth’s magnetic field is already exhibiting discernible “cracks,” and the earth’s natural “wobble” on its axis has now disappeared. Scientists are worried that a pole reversal could even precipitate a new ice age.

Major earth changes are prophesied in the Bible to occur at the end of our age just prior to the return of Jesus Christ and the beginning of the millennium/Messianic Age. The book of Revelation lists many earth changes that will occur on the earth as this age reaches its climax. Matthew 24:22 warns conditions on the earth will become so severe at the very end of this age that “no flesh [would] be saved” if Jesus Christ did not return.

Isaiah 24 also prophesies about future major earth changes that will devastate the planet. Verse 1 says the Lord will “turn the earth upside down.” This could refer to the magnetic poles reversing and the earth’s magnetic field being “turned upside down,” or it could literally mean the continents themselves will shift their positions on the earth’s surface (I saw a cable TV documentary years ago that warned that the positions of the continents could “slip” if the earth’s thin crust slid globally on the underlying molten layers that support the crust. Isaiah 24:4-6 prophesies the earth will “mourn and fade away” and that there will be “few men left” [this sounds like Matthew 24:22] due to the level of sins committed by mankind on the earth. Verse 18 adds that “the foundations of the earth [will] shake.” The foundations of the earth could describe the molten layers that literally are the foundation on which our earth’s crust rests. Verses 19-20 warns the earth will be “utterly broken down,” “that it will be moved exceedingly” [moved out of its normal orbit?], and that it shall “reel to and from like a drunkard” [it will have a dangerous wobble of some kind on its axis]. Some of this terminology describes what could happen if a large heavenly body such as a comet or meteor hits the earth (which is prophesied to occur in Revelation 8:8-9).

Yes, we are beginning to experience severe and increasing earth changes already. However, biblical prophesies indicate that “we haven’t seen anything yet” compared to what lies ahead in our future. Global repentance is the only thing that could prevent this prophesied outcome. Leviticus 18:28 and 20:22 warn that when a nation’s sins reach an extreme tipping point, that the land itself will “spew out” its sinful inhabitants via “earth changes.” When all nations become extremely sinful, the planet itself will come close to “spewing out its inhabitants” via earth changes. The Bible prophesied this millennia ago, and scientists are beginning to warn that such destructive earth changes could be imminent. Mankind has mostly forgotten God or many sin openly in contempt of him. God will not be mocked indefinitely (Galatians 6:7). God’s “wake up call” to mankind is drawing closer.

On a personal note, the length of my writing Sabbatical is in God’s hands. There are many articles and at least one more book that I’d like to write. While my Sabbatical will continue, you can expect to see some new blog posts in the future to pass on critical information as we draw deeper into the prophesied “latter days” and the end of our age.