Many Christians cite Jesus Christ’s famous Olivet prophecy in Matthew 24 re: the latter days, but not all seem to be aware that Luke 21 is a parallel to the Olivet Prophecy. It is well worth reading as the two Olivet prophecies as each one contains prophetic information not contained in the other account. Luke’s prophecy contains a prophetic statement that is very relevant considering the tragic earthquake/tsunami that has just devastated Japan.
Luke 21:25 warns that in the latter days, there would be a phenomenon that Luke called “the sea and waves roaring.” When the sea (oceans) and waves “roar,” it clearly indicates that there will be a cycle of very destructive hurricanes and tsunamis in the latter days. This fits perfectly with Matthew 24:7’s warning about earthquakes in the latter days as devastating tsunamis are caused by undersea earthquakes.
The damage from the Japanese tsunami is still increasing.  According to the link below, one of Japan’s nuclear reactor’s has just experienced an explosion and a core breach or core melt-down may be imminent. This alert was released by the respected Stratfor service, which is not given to wild claims or speculative reports. I checked with FOX News’ TV channel and it was reporting that one Japanese reactor has had an explosion and a release of radiation which has already caused radiation sickness in 190 people and that the Japanese government is distributing iodine pills to local populations to ward off radiation damage. FOX also reported that two other Japanese nuclear plants are also unstable. The death toll in Japan has reached 1,000, but will surely go much higher as untold numbers of people are missing. One report said 9,300 are missing just from one village!
Fulfillments of the prophecy in Luke 21:25 include Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans, the Indian Ocean earthquake/tsunami that killed something over 200,000 in Indonesia and the Indian Ocean region, the recent devastating flooding in Australia that came from rainstorms moving in from the ocean as well as a huge cyclone (hurricane) that followed those rainstorms and now the massive tsunami that has devastated Japan. We surely will have more such events in the future.
Mankind’s modern infrastructure also intensifies the damage done by hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Nuclear power plants can sustain catastrophic damage, natural gas and water pipelines can be broken, electrical plants can be damaged and electricity transmission lines can be toppled, etc. when hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis occur. This makes modern societies far more vulnerable to such events than ancient civilizations as we are so dependent on our modern infrastructures and labor-saving devices.
The Japanese tsunami catastrophe is still unfolding. Based on the prophecy of Luke 21:25, we should expect more such disasters in the future as we progress deeper into the latter-day period of this age on our planet. For an in-depth examination of the Bible’s latter-day prophecies, I invite you to read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, available at this website’s Articles link.