My first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, has been out-of-print for a considerable period of time, and many have asked in vain for copies of it. Due to continuing requests for it, a way has been made to make this book available as an e-book, and it is being offered at half the price of the original printed book! The original book cost $25 ($20 for the book and $5 for shipping fees). The e-book version of this book is priced at $12.99. It can be ordered from my homepage (in the center column below my photo and introductory text).

I did a check on the Internet to find the selling price for used copies of my original printed book, and was surprised to learn how high the prices were. offered a used copy for $89, and offered four copies for a price range of $133-195. Why pay that high a price for a used copy of my book when you can download a personal copy of the book for yourself from my website for just $12.99?

The original printed book was not available in any electronic form so it has to be “resurrected” to make it available as an e-book. Each page of the original book was scanned into a Microsoft Word document and each scanned line had to be painstakingly reviewed and corrected as the scanning process deleted all emphasis marks and made a variety of reproduction errors (doubtless due to the small print of the original book). However, this made the electronic book possible after all corrections were made and it was reformatted into an electronic book to fit a computer screen instead of a printed page. The e-book has the same content as the original printed book. However, it will be more readable as it has larger print size, wider margins, etc. The electronic reformatting process made the book longer, but it will read very easily for those who order it.

I do not expect that the book will ever again be available in printed form, so if you desire a copy of my original book, now is your chance to order your personal copy.

This book covers the entire spectrum of the history of the ten tribes of Israel from the reign of Kings David and Solomon through the time of the Divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the new empires and kingdoms founded by the tribes of Israel during their migrations and their locations among the modern nations! This book also includes much information about the presence of the Israelites in ancient North America as well as segments about the migrations and modern locations of the ancient Assyrians.

I’ll offer just a few hints of the surprising content of this book to prospective readers. Most people have no idea that the empire of Kings David and Solomon included a vast stretch of territory and that the Israelite armies had conquered Assyria during David’s reign. I Chronicles 18-19 describe the battles of David’s army against the Mesopotamian kings after David’s army marched eastward as far as the Euphrates River. Psalm 83 records David’s Psalm about this war against the Assyrians and their many vassal kingdoms at the time. What will really surprise you is that secular history supports this biblical narrative, but modern history texts do not include this evidence. Also this book describes the massive geopolitical struggle that was a backdrop for the visit of the Parthian Magi/Wise Men to Jesus Christ when he was a young child. The Magi/Wise Men were the nobility of the Parthian Empire which was founded by the ten tribes of Israel who were then ruling over all the empires that had originally taken them captive (fulfilling a prophecy in Isaiah 14:2). When you understand the geopolitical realities of that time, you will understand why Matthew 2:3 relates that the whole city of Jerusalem and King Herod himself were very frightened by their arrival.

Also, history texts describe the inundation of the Roman Empire by millions of Caucasian Goths, Germans, Anglo-Saxons, Vandals, etc. in the 3rd century AD and afterwards. Today’s history texts never ask or explain why these nations of many millions of people each poured out of Asia into Europe at that specific time. This book will offer the answers, and all the historical revelations in this book are copiously documented in hundreds of endnotes and a full Bibliography so anyone can duplicate the research and see for themselves that the assertions of this book are true!

Finally, since my website will now offer a full-length e-book for $12.99, I am reducing the prices of the two other items offered for a fee at my website to $5.99 (one audio message and a shorter e-book) as I believe these two items contain vital information everyone should have and I want to make them available for a very nominal fee so anyone can afford them. The vast majority of information on my website is offered for free to anyone, but since I am not supported or funded by any church or organization, I do need to make a living even as all my readers do.  I very much want to thank those who do periodically donate to support my website, but I also need the website to generate some funds in order to keep it on the internet and allowing me to devote so much time and energy to it.

If you read this very affordable e-book, The “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, your view of history and the Bible will never be the same as it was before. You will be amazed at how accurate the Bible’s narratives are when compared to the ancient secular historical accounts of the Greeks, Romans, and even the ancient Vedic records of India. Much knowledge has been lost or covered up over time. This book restores a great deal of true historical information for modern readers! The information and conclusions of this book will create a massive paradigm shift in the perception of modern world events. As Isaiah 41:22 asserts, you cannot know the “latter end” of this world’s destiny unless you understand “the former things” that have occurred in the past.

If you enjoy this book or if you already have a printed copy of the book but wish others to know about its new availability, please let your friend know they can order it exclusively at this website!