Is it possible to get this book?  The only ones I found were on Amazon for $499.

Tom Thorne


Dear Tom,
My first book, The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, is out of print, and I have no more copies for sale either. I do have a newer 4-book series which includes and expands on the information that was in my initial book. These books are entitled (in order) The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, Israel’s Lost Empires, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and Israel’s Tribes Today. These newer “derivative” books include the information in my first book, as well as more information, photos of Israelite artifacts found in ancient America, many illustrations, indexes, etc. If you would like to obtain this information, you can order my books by clicking on the book links at my website. The cost for all 4 books is $80 (shipping fees included). I’m amazed that old copies of my first book were being offered at the price you cited! My website also includes speeches and articles which give the basic information that is in these books, and free excerpts of some of my books are also available at this website’s homepage and at the book links.
Those who have read these books understand that modern nations (including the USA) are identified in the Bible and that secular history actually supports the biblical identifications. My books include abundant documentation of source quotes and complete bibliographies so anyone can duplicate the research and confirm the conclusions in my books. Once one understands the biblical identifications of modern nations, understanding biblical latter-day prophecies also becomes much easier.