This post is to announce that my first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, has just been released in Kindle format on (see first link). The cost is $12.99, the same price for which this book sells at my my website as a downloadable e-book. However, with its release in Kindle format, it can now be downloaded to mobile electronic devices when ordered. Hopefully, this will make the book available to more people who wish to read it while they are traveling or moving about in some manner.
This book was originally released in print format in 1996 and has been out-of-print in book format after the fourth printing was sold out years ago. However, that book was then sold on and there are 21 “reader reviews” still available at describing reader’s reactions to my book’s content and point-of-view (see second link). For those who have been wondering whether to purchase this book at my website (or now in Kindle format at, I invite you to read these reader’s reviews to see how others have reacted and rated my book. The reader reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and I am pleased to see that my book is very highly-ranked in these reader reviews at Amazon’s website. I will acknowledge that two of the readers who posted reviews are known to me (one acknowledges that fact). The other 19 reviews are from strangers who posted their reviews without my awareness or knowledge so they are unbiased and unprompted reviews.
If you have not read my book, I invite you to order it in the format that best suits your lifestyle. It will permanently alter your views of world history and the Bible as you will see that a provable, Divine purpose has been worked out in human history over the millennia of mankind’s existence on this planet. My book merges secular and biblical history together in a way which makes it both interesting and much more personal to readers. I also wrote the book in a non-denominational perspective and it neither advocates or denigrates anyone’s denominational viewpoints. My book was intended to strengthen the faith of believers in any Christian denomination. There is no need for me to “plug” my book further. You can read the reader reviews and see how others have benefited from reading it. I hope that you will make a decision to do so as well.