dear steve; 

please forgive the lack of capitals but i had shoulder surgury and can use only one arm for now.  at any rate, i searched your web site looking for the article we have titled “a new look at prophecy”. i cannot find it and can’t remember where we found it in the first place.  i would like to be able to send the link to it without copying it and mailing it.  can you help me with this.
thank you nh


ps; your web site is really great. so much info i never considered before. thank you
Dear Jason,
Don’t worry about any lack of capitals. Thanks for writing in spite of your shoulder surgery, and thanks for the positive comments about my website.

Here is the Link:


      New Look at Prophecy

    * At the conclusion of my book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, it was stated that a new book detailing prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel would be written. Since my four new books containing important new information about the ten tribes’ history had to come first, that book on prophecy is yet in the future. However, it is partially written. This booklet-length article is an effort to get some of that information to people in a timely fashion. What follows is not a direct excerpt from my future book, but is rather an adaptation of some of its material for those people who are in churches or fellowships which formed as the “old” Worldwide Church of God disintegrated. For these groups, some of this information is too important to be delayed for inclusion in a future book. This article is offered freely in the public domain, and I authorize it to be transmitted and distributed electronically or in paper format to anyone. The only conditions I place on this article are accurate quotation of the material and proper attribution of authorship.