Recently, Joseph Farah wrote an article (see link below) in the Washington Times entitled Like the Israelites, Americans Wanted a King. He was comparing the actions of modern Americans to those of the ancient Israelites who, in I Samuel 18, demanded that the prophet Samuel “give them a king” instead of being ruled by God via the Divinely-established system of Judges. Samuel knew it was a bad idea, but God told him to go ahead and give them the king they wanted. Their first king was Saul, who turned out very badly. This article has a different title on the internet link (“King Obama”), but the content of the article is the same.

Modern Americans have increasingly been electing presidents who have steadily expanded the Executive Branch of government to a size and scope far beyond what was envisaged in the US Constitution (which I believe was Divinely-inspired). Mr. Farah makes the comparison that modern Americans, like the Israelites in ancient biblical times, “want a king”—a President who has vast and sweeping powers. President Obama has expanded the size and scope of the Executive Branch further than any previous president, and the current Congress has been willing to give away its powers and prerogatives to the Executive Branch.  [In all fairness, it should be pointed out that it was the Bush administration which demanded that Congress give away its Constitutional powers over the finances of the nation and yield them to Treasury Secretary Paulson in 2008.] In recent years, the Congress has not followed the standard practice of considering bills in a deliberative manner through the committee process with detailed debate about bills at each step of the legislative process. Increasingly, bills are drafted in secret back-rooms and 1,000+ page bills are plopped on Congressional desks with a demand that Congress vote on them without even having members read the bills! In submitting to such a perversion of the bill-making process, Americans are gradually having their presidents turn into kings. The link below points out that God told Samuel to warn the Israelites that having a king would result in their kings expanding the government, taking their sons and daughters to wage wars and do other tasks for the king, and that he would “take their property and redistribute it as he saw fit.”

Mr. Farah reminds people in his column that demanding a king was “a costly lesson for the children of Israel, and it will be a costly lesson for us as well.” Mr. Farah even refers to America as a “set apart” people and “remembering that there is one true God in heaven to whom we are all accountable.” I wonder if Mr. Farah realizes just how right he is? If any readers have any doubts that he is right, I invite you to read the article on my home page entitled “The USA in Prophecy.” The audio messages about the history of the ten tribes of Israel at my “speeches” link provide even greater documentation than what is provided in the article about America at my home page. Anyone who reads and listens to these articles and messages (or who obtains copies of my books at the “books” link) will see voluminous evidence that most modern Americans (and many Europeans as well) are actually the descendants of those very Israelites who “demanded a king” from the prophet Samuel in I Samuel 8. The ancient Israelites wanted kings, but what they got was a series of despots. Why should modern Americans expect any different today as or Presidents gradually seize the powers usually reserved to kings?

Mr. Farah concludes his article with God’s promise in II Chronicles 7:14 that “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” The ancient Israelites refused to heed that invitation/warning from God, and their nation eventually collapsed. In the next few years, we are going to see if modern Americans repeat the mistakes of their forefathers.