I’m sure that all readers are aware that the latest US government figures are reporting a sudden drop in the unemployment rate in the USA. This is an election year in the USA and the government officials who run the Department of Labor’s statistical office need Obama to be re-elected to keep their jobs. Isn’t it a marvelous coincidence that the government’s own unemployment statistics show a sudden reduction in unemployment just as Obama badly needs that statistic to appear to help his re-election chances?
Several columnists and sources are blowing the whistle on the sham statistics being issued by the Obama administration about unemployment. The first link, from columnist Donald Lambro in the Washington Times, cites the famous Mark Twain comment which is the title of this posting. Mark Twain’s point was that the really big lies were told by those who manipulate statistics. Is that ever true today too! The first link notes that the official unemployment rate was reduced due to the government dropping 315,000 “discouraged workers” from the labor pool so their existence didn’t drop the unemployment rate to what it would be if they were included. It also states that the unemployment data “hides so many other components of the real jobless rate.” It adds that the “underemployment rate” calculated by the Gallup organization steadily increased to an 18.1% rate last November. The title of this column when it was printed in the 12/12/11 Washington Times’ National Weekly Edition was “Out of Excuses: Even bending the stats isn’t helping.”
Now let’s cite a current Washington Times editorial which appeared in its 2-27-12 National Weekly Edition which was entitled “Note to Obama: Unemployment is up” (see second link). It states that “Americans sense that something is not quite right about the rosy official numbers, and a series of independent reports confirms their skepticism.” It observes that if the underemployed had not been [conveniently] excluded from the data sample, “the unemployment rate in January, 2012 would have been about 15%.(emphasis added).” It also revealed that while the official government data shows steady monthly declines in the unemployment rate to 8.3%, the Gallup tracking data shows a steady increase in the unemployment rate to 9% over concurrent reporting periods, and that the real underemployment rate is calculated to be an amazing 19%! The editorial reports that the Obama administration’s number-crunchers simply pretended that 1.2 million people in the unemployed workforce didn’t actually exist. The third link ads more information about how official government unemployment data is massaged to yield a deceitful result. The second link also notes that the USA has been in “the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression.”
Congratulations to the Washington Times for telling truths that many establishment media don’t want to discuss. To regularly monitor the real unemployment and inflation rates in America, readers should go to the website, shadowstats.com, which reports this data honestly. The contrast between the honest data and the highly-manipulated government statistics can be very stark indeed. The fourth link and fifth link reveal that the government’s inflation rate statistics are also manipulated to report a lower figure than real-world inflation rates (my thanks to a reader for these two links).
Let’s consider another source which admitted that the government’s official statistics do not represent the situation encountered in the real world. That source is, surprisingly, President Obama himself! In his State-of-the-Union speech, he referred to a “recovery that was more evident in government statistics than America’s wallets” (see sixth link). I’m sure it was an inadvertent admission on Obama’s part that the government’s official statistics do not represent what is going on in the real world, but his unintended admission is very revealing.
It gets worse. Even though the government’s official statistics can’t be trusted, you would think that private statistical services would be telling the truth, right? Well, even that isn’t necessarily the case. In a story that surfaced briefly and then was buried quickly, it was reported that the National Association of Realtors had been reporting significantly inflated home sales data for at least the last half-decade, and that the figures would be revised downward “anywhere from 10 to 20%” (see seventh link and eighth link). As one link notes, it means that there was a “much weaker housing market than previously thought” for the last half-decade. Housing sales data are an important part of the statistical indicators that determine how deep a recession is and whether one is actually over. The recession was officially reported as having ended some time ago, but with the revelation that the housing market was “much weaker” for years than was originally thought, it calls into serious question any conclusion that the recession ever ended at all.
The 9th Commandment states that “Thou shalt not bear false witness…” (Exodus 20:16), but it is evident from these links that a lot of “false witness” is occurring in both governmental and private reporting figures. Revelation 21:8 states that those who are habitual “liars” will end up in a “lake of fire.” Based on that statement, neither Mark Twain or I would expect to see many government statisticians in the kingdom of God. When they face Jesus Christ in the Judgment, I’m sure many politicians and their statistical servants will wish they had feared God instead of acting to serve their temporary political expediency. Speaking of a time when national corruption would permeate a society, Isaiah 59:3-14 cites God as saying of those in power: “your lips have spoken lies; they conceive mischief and bring forth iniquity. They…weave the spiders web [of lies, but] their webs shall not become garments neither shall they cover themselves with their works…judgment is turned way backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” There is much evidence that America (and the world) have entered such a time when deceits and lies permeate our societies.
One last thought. Remember the Jimmy Carter years when the “misery index” was the combined totals of the inflation and unemployment rates? The official government rates for these categories and the real world rates for these categories are reported at the homepage of shadowstats.com. The “official” rates look like today’s misery index is about 11.4 (an unemployment rate of 8.3% and an inflation rate of about 3.1%). However, the real world misery index is more like 28.6% (an unemployment rate of 22.5% and an inflation rate of about 6.1% if I read their chart correctly). That is why you are experiencing a much tougher time than government data would indicate should be the case. Also, come November, the nation will be voting based on the real world misery index that they are experiencing, not the “la-la land” data that appears in government statistics…and that is very bad news for the Obama re-election campaign. As these links confirm, people are now seeing through the phoniness of the official government statistics. It should also be noted that the Obama administration isn’t the only one to “cook the books” on economic statistics. As is made clear at the shadowstats.com website, the practice of issuing deceitful economic statistics has been going on for many years under both Republican and Democratic administrations. At some point the truth will catch up to them, and the American people will be very angry when they find out this fact en masse. That national columnists are now openly pointing out this fact (and I’ve seen at least two political cartoons also mocking the official government economic statistics) indicates the point of public anger is drawing nearer and nearer. When it does, it will contribute to the fall of Babylon the Great’s global collapse (Revelation 17-18). 
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