October 31, 2008
Steve Collins
As many readers know, Libya was a Cold War ally of the USSR, was very anti-American and supported state-sponsored terrorism. In recent years, Libya launched a peace offensive indicating that it was embracing the western nations and the USA. This was much to the delight of the often-gullible US State Department, which accepted Kadhafi’s switch as genuine. In previous blogs, I indicated that Libya would likely switch back to being an ally of Russia because Libya is prophesied in Ezekiel 38:3-6 to be one of Russia’s allies in a great World War III at the end of this age.
New information indicates that Libya was likely playing a “double-game” during its brief dalliance with the USA and the West. Libyan leader, Kadhafi, is now visiting Moscow and will “offer to host a Russian naval base” in Libya according to the link below. A few weeks ago, Russian warships docked at a Libyan port, so Khadafi’s visit to Moscow to announce the new Russian-Libyan ties was likely already arranged prior to that time. A Russian newspaper stated that the new Russian naval base in Libya “will be a guarantee of non-aggression against Libya from the United States.”
I’ll bet access to oil has something to do with this entire arrangement. Western oil companies had thought that they would have unhindered access to Libya’s oil fields, but the new Libyan-Russian ties indicate that it will be Russian oil firms that will be invited to Libyan oil fields. The USA has apparently angered every oil-producing nation on the planet with what appears to be a pre-election, politically-arranged plummeting of global oil prices. It was prominent American, Fareed Zakharia (also a Board Member of the CFR and Trilateral Commission), who called for Russia to be punished for its invasion of Georgia by a “dramatic” global drop in oil prices. His proposal to punish Russia was published in his column in the September 8, 2008 issue of Newsweek magazine. As if on cue, oil prices plummeted all over the globe just after Mr. Zakharia’s call for lower oil prices to “punish” Russia. However, the CFR/Trilateral Commission policy may backfire on them. What is happening is that they are angering oil producing nations in Central Asia, North Africa and other locations in the world, driving these nations openly into the embrace of the Russian bear, a fellow oil-producing nation.
World leaders do not yet realize it, but they are acting in accordance with the prophecies of the Bible as latter-day events unfold. Indeed, Ezekiel 38’s prophecy provides us with an advance script of how world alliances will take shape and how latter day events will occur. Libya’s switch back to Russia’s side was predetermined millennia ago by the Creator who inspired the prophecy of Ezekiel 38. The term “Libya” in Ezekiel 38:5 should likely be more broadly applied to the modern world than just the nation of Libya. The Hebrew term translated “Libya” is “Phut,” which indicates all the descendants of this branch of the Hamitic family of nations (see Genesis 10:6) will be allied with Russia in the latter days. Phut’s descendants live in North Africa so I expect such nations as Algeria will also be included in the final “Gog-Magog” alliance as well.