Steven Collins
August 16, 2008
During the Cold War, Libya was a fixture in the Soviet camp and Venezuela was in the western camp. It now appears both nations have firmly opted to join the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to be headed by Russia. One is not a surprise as the Bible foretold it. One is not specifically addressed in the Bible, but can be inferred from events.
Ezekiel 38 lists many nations which will be part of Russia’s end-time alliance which will attack the USA., NATO and their allies. Many Christian teachers and denominations recognize Russia will be the leader of this alliance. China has fulfilled the prophecy about a numerous nation of Japheth (“Gomer and all his bands”), and Iran is identified as “Persia.” These three nations are acting in a New Axis against the USA and the West. The word “Ethiopia” in the KJV of the Bible is actually “Cush.” Cush’s name is on the world map in the “Hindu Cush Mountains” of Afghanistan and Pakistan–the homeland of the Taliban and a sanctuary for Al Queda. Many Islamic tribes in Afghanistan and Pakistan are allied with Islamic radicals so there is a possibility that both Pakistan and Afghanistan may fall into Russia’s anti-western orbit. Much of Afghanistan is already in the anti-Western camp as the President of Afghanistan is often referred to as “the Mayor of Kabul” as he rules very little of the nation. Pakistan has been only nominally allied to the USA under Pervez Musharaff. “Togarmah of the North Quarters” refers to ethnic Siberians (already part of Russia), Mongolians, etc.
Many modern Christians mistakenly think modern “Japheth” is in Europe. This is incorrect. The term “Shem” is often misunderstood to apply to only the Jews due to the term “anti-Semitic” being applied to anti-Jewish people. However, the family of Shem is very broad, and the Jews are only one tiny piece of the Semitic nations. All of the ten tribes of Israel are Semites, the Ishmaelites (the Arabs) are Semites, the Edomites (Turks and others) are Semites, the modern descendants of the Assyrians are all Semites, etc. Europe, North America and Australia are mostly Semitic continents.
Ezekiel 38 lists one other nation as specifically being part of Russia’s end-time alliance. The KJV names them as “Libya” although the actual word is “Phut,” a descendant of Ham (Genesis 10:6). I believe Libya has descended from Phut, but this ethnic group may be large enough to include Algeria and other North African nations.
After the USA’s 2003 invasion of Iraq, Libya had a dalliance with the USA and the West, but this may have been orchestrated by Russian KGB-meister, Vladmir Putin. Libya “gave up” a nuclear program it barely had in exchange for Western money and recognitions. Libya still serves the West with “words,” but its “actions” shout that it is still Russia’s ally. The first link below documents this diplomatic dance that Libya has played in recent years, but also notes that Putin is now pioneering “a new era in bilateral relations” between Russia and Libya. Remember that nuclear program Libya “gave up?” The second link below (a brief introduction to a paid article) notes that negotiations are underway for a Russian nuclear reactor to be sent to Libya along with “advanced weapons from Russia.” It was Russia that furnished a nuclear reactor to Iran and it is now about to do the same thing with Libya. The deal was midwifed by (you guessed it!) Vladimir Putin. It would appear that President Bush, Sec. Rice, etc. were deceived not only by Russian Prime Minister Putin but by Qhaddafy of Libya as well.
Venezuela has turned into a hard-line, anti-American state in the Western Hemisphere, joining Cuba in the Russian-led alliance. Nicaragua and Bolivia are also moving in that same direction. Venezuela’s leader, Hugo Chavez, denounces the USA regularly, and is well on the way to becoming “best buddies” with the Russian and Iranian leaders. The third link below details a critically-important story that was largely ignored by the Western press: that Russia and Venezuela have formed a “strategic alliance” on defense, military and energy matters. Orchestrating this new alliance with Hugo Chavez was (again!) the Russian leader, Vladmir Putin. Russia has already sent to Venezuela large numbers of Kalashnikov assault rifles as well as fighter jets and helicopters. This new strategic alliance will bring “a large number of Russian tanks” to Venezuela. The fourth link below adds more information on this same story. Does Venezuela really need all this advanced weaponry or is Russia pre-placing its weaponry in the Western Hemisphere for the time its forces invade the USA and the other nations of the Western alliance? Venezuela is not mentioned in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, but Ezekiel 38:6 adds that “many people” (who are not named) will be part of the Gog-Magog alliance. Venezuela is apparently one of those nations. North Korea and the “-stan” nations of Central Asia will surely be in Russia’s corner as well. After Russia’s display of easy military dominance of the Caucasus region in its invasion of Georgia, expect Armenia and Azerbaijan to end up in the Russian corner as well. It is my opinion that the Russian invasion of Georgia has signaled Russia has “drawn a line in the sand” that neither Georgia nor the Ukraine will be allowed to join NATO. If the Ukraine tries to join NATO, Russia will likely invade it as well.
All the pieces of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy for the latter days continue to fall into place for its stunning eventual fulfillment in some future year. As I’ve noted before, I do not know (or claim to know) the year of this prophecy’s fulfillment. What we can see is that it getting closer as the alliances fall into place exactly as Ezekiel 38 foretold they would. Modern world leaders do not realize that they are unwitting actors in a script that has already been Divinely-ordained.,1128-Russia-Prepares-Arms-Nuke-Sale-T.aspx