As some readers no doubt know from watching media reports, the pro-western government in Lebanon is in the process of collapsing. Its collapse was triggered by an exit of the Hezbollah faction from the Lebanese governing coalition.

This has the potential to provoke a Mideast War as the United States, France and Saudi Arabia support the pro-western Lebanese government while Iran and Syria support the Hezbollah faction. The USA and France are dispatching naval forces to the Lebanese coast to support of the pro-Western Prime Minister, Saad Hariri. However, as the first link below notes, Hezbollah has 60,000 missiles at its disposal and is “not fazed by the US-French military moves off the Lebanese coast.”

The second link offers a statement by the Shiite-led Hezbollah bloc that they will not accept Hariri as Prime Minister any longer, but the third link states that a spokesman for the Sunni-led, pro-western bloc apparently will accept no one else except Hariri as Prime Minister. Obviously, a confrontation is inevitable. This sets up multiple possible confrontations. One is between the USA, France and the pro-Hariri faction in Lebanon vs. the Hezbollah coalition and its forces. The second confrontation is between the Sunni Moslem nations (who will mostly support the Sunni government of Hariri) and the Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah axis which is led by Shiite Iran. The third potential confrontation is between the Hezbollah-Syrian-Iranian axis and Israel.

Diplomats will attempt to resolve the confrontations and avert war. However, the first link ( reports that its sources report that a Hezbollah action inside Lebanon could provoke a clash between the USA, France and the weak Lebanese Army vs. Hezbollah which could easily escalate into a Hezbollah-Israeli war. If such a war breaks out, expect the Israelis to wage a total war against Hezbollah and annihilate it. However, with 60,000 missiles at its disposal, a number of them will hit Israeli targets.

Hezbollah’s action to topple the Lebanese government and create instability inside Lebanon may not be accidental. Iran is fuming over the successful Stuxnet cyberattack against its nuclear weapons facilities by the western allies. The last link below (provided by a reader of this blog site) asserts that the USA and Israel developed the Stuxnet cyberweapon, with help from Germany and Great Britain, before attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities with it. Top Iranian nuclear scientists have also been assassinated inside Iran. This has no doubt angered Iran to the point that it is spoiling for revenge. It is very possible that Iran gave the green light to Hezbollah to provoke this confrontation because Iran wants it to develop into a war.

Matthew 24:6 prophesied that there would be “wars and rumors of wars” prior to the end of our age and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This Hezbollah-caused crisis in Lebanon now involves many other nations. We will have to wait and see if this confrontation develops into open warfare. If war does break out, it could expand into a wider war very quickly with many negative ramifications for global financial, oil and commodity markets and the economies of many nations.