Steven Collins
July 27, 2007
In my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, which was posted recently at my website, I noted that the book of Revelation’s prophecies could be fulfilled in either a “minimalist” or a “maximalist” manner, depending on the extent to which the prophetic imagery seen in John’s vision occurred in either the physical or spiritual realms. In my article, I cited the cover story in the April, 2007 issue of National Geographic magazine which warns that a massive “die off” of life in the world’s oceans and seas is occurring (Revelation 8:9 prophesies that such an event will happen during the latter days of our age).
A July 25, 2007 story at the FOX News website recently reported a strange event in the oceans. Humboldt Squid, which “grow up to 7 feet long and weigh more than 110 pounds,” used to inhabit only “the Pacific Ocean’s warmest stretches near the equator.” The story added that  these large squid are now eating fish “throughout California waters, and…[even in] the icy waters off Alaska.” 
The change in this squid’s range has occurred in recent years, but why? The article noted this large squid is an “aggressive predator,” but its native range used to be able to satisfy its appetite for prey. An obvious answer would be that its native waters have experienced such a decline in normal prey species that it has forced Humboldt Squid to travel far and wide to find enough food to eat in the Pacific Ocean. Because this migration of Humboldt Squid means the addition of a new predator to regions of the Pacific Ocean that previously had other predators, it will put further pressure on prey species in the ocean. This event is a warning sign that the natural balance in the oceans which God created is being severely disturbed by mankind’s global commercial fishing operations (see the National Geographic article for information on how bad the situation already has become).
Revelation 8:9 prophesies that a major die-off of life will occur in the oceans in the latter days of this age. Is this prophecy already being fulfilled? Yes, it is. We need to realize the natural phenomena of the earth around us is proclaiming the reliability of Bible prophecy.,2933,290667,00.html