The first link below should be read by not only every American, but every person on earth.  However, few will ever have a chance to read it (or ever hear about it) because of the “news blackout” that seems to exist re: the critically-important subject of the secret Chinese nanotechnology weapons now being developed. The fate of mankind itself is at stake in this Chinese weapons project. I have blogged on this topic before, but this is my most important update on this subject to date. This blog will examine a specific way in which the Chinese nanotechnology weapons may eventually fulfill a particular biblical prophecy (and I think it will surprise many which prophecy I have in mind).

The first link is a discussion of the Chinese nanotechnology superweapon which occurs in an interview with Mr. Lev Navrozov. Mr. Navrozov is likely the foremost messenger trying to alert the world about this extremely serious technology. It is so sensitive an issue that if all the world knew about this danger, many nations might cooperate in a preventive war against China to stop development of this superweapon with which China could literally rule the world. The second link confirms that the first link I cite below is the No. 1-ranked item on this subject in the entire Google Universe, so it is very well-worth your time to read it. I note with some sense of accomplishment that two of my own blogs are listed as the No. 2- and No. 3-ranked items on this subject in the Google Universe on this topic. Whoever liked my first blogs on this topic will, I think, regard this blog as the most important one yet.

Nanotechnology weapons are those which are so microscopic that most people can’t even visualize anything so small. A nanotechnology weapon works on the molecular level inside the human body. Nanotechnology can have many civilian, and even beneficial, uses. However, nanotechnology weapons may prove to be far more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Mr. Navrozov’s interview indicates that China’s effort to weaponize nanotechnology applications is far more advanced than that of any other nation on earth. Russia and the USA may be capable of developing such weapons, but Mr. Navrozov asserts it would take a dictatorship in Russia to mobilize enough assets to match China’s efforts and the USA would need to wake up “from its sleep” re: China’s existential threat to the USA’s existence. Russia may be slipping back into a dictatorial mode via Mr. Putin and Mr. Medvedev, but the American leadership seems comatose concerning the dangers posed by Chinese nanotechnology weaponry. The first link asserts that when China has developed a nanotechnology superweapon, it may simply give other nations “an ultimatum for unconditional surrender or just the annihilation of the West without any ultimatum.” He cites Eric Drexler, apparently an early researcher on nanotechnology, as stating that nanotechnology weapons would be “a rather surgical system of seeking and destroying enemy human beings as cancerous polyps…leaving the [attacked] nation’s infrastructure intact to be repopulated” (emphasis added). Keep this quote in mind when we examine biblical possibilities below. China has a massive population and needs “living space” in other nations for its teeming millions. As we will see, a perfected nanotechnology weapon could eliminate native populations in attacked nations and the Chinese could simply walk in and take over everything the targeted nation previously owned.

The link below bluntly states that unless the USA prepares to confront this threat, “the US will have to surrender in due time or be annihilated.” He compares the threat posed by modern China to the threat posed by Hitler in the 1930s and adds “We are living in 1938 all over again, with ‘Communist China’ instead of national-socialist Germany.” The article in the link below concludes with an ominous warning that “unless the situation changes, the West will be annihilated or will become a Chinese colony.” The Chinese nanotechnology weapons, if perfected, would be another way that Matthew 24:21-22’s prophecy that “all flesh” would be destroyed if Jesus Christ did not return. Now let’s examine the specific biblical prophecy Chinese nanotechnology weapons might fulfill.

Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will form a vast alliance which will attack the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel (the USA, UK, much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) and their prophesied allies (Japan, India, the “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim, etc. according to my understanding of prophecy) at the end of this age. This attack will have inital success, but it will conclude with horrible consequences for the attacking nations. Ezekiel 38:21 prophesies that God will “call for a sword” against the invaders of the Gog-Magog alliance (so we know that the western nations will be fighting back in this age-ending world war). At some point, the nations of the invading Gog-Magog are prophesied to turn on each other and start fighting among themselves! Ezekiel 38:21 prophesies “every man’s sword will be against his brother” even as God fights against the Gog-Magog alliance with divine plagues and actions mentioned in verse 22). What causes the Gog-Magog alliance to come apart and start fighting amongst themselves? Either they will think the war against the West and its allies is almost won (so they start fighting each other for global supremacy) or the intervention of God (in verse 20, when God’s “presence” comes to the earth) so confuses them that they think some new enemy holographic-projection technology has appeared when God’s angelic army appears in the heavens. There is a biblical precedent for allies who are attacking Israelite nations to turn on each other and wipe themselves out. II Chronicles 20 records a war in which three attacking nations (Ammon, Moab, Mt. Seir) attacked Judah but they lost the war when they turned against each other and wiped themselves out (see verses 22-25). Ezekiel 38:21 prophesies the same thing will occur among the Gog-Magog alliance nations in the age-ending World War III to occur in our future.

Let’s now consider which of the nations of the Gog-Magog alliance will be the first to attack its previous allies, and the role Chinese nanotechnology weaponry might have in this action. The three nations now stepping forth to form the backbone of the Gog-Magog alliance are Russia, Iran and China so I’ll limit my discussion to these nations. Let’s consider why each of these nations might be the one to start the infighting. Iran has the least power of the three so it is the least likely to rationally attack the other nations. However, it also is the most irrational of the Gog-Magog nations. It is led by leaders of an extremely Messianist sect of Shiite Islam who expects their “hidden Imam” to return after/during a global conflagration, and the Iranians surely regard the Russians and Chinese as “infidels” anyway. Being irrational and disappointed “their messiah”‘ hasn’t shown up, they could widen the war and attack their erstwhile allies to trigger a wider war to try and “force” their “hidden imam” to come. Russia, historically paranoid at times and terribly outnumbered by the Chinese population, could decide to get in the first surprise blow against their erstwhile allies while they have the chance. However, I think Russia’s Cold War record indicates it has a realistic pragmatism that argues against it being the first nation to attack its allies. I think Russia’s pragmatism will cause it to be willing to “fight America right down to the last Chinaman.” On the other hand, China may have a nanotechnology weapon which it will release on Russia, Iran (and perhaps every nation) in hopes that it will leave China the only remaining nation on earth with survivors. How could they do that? Let’s re-consider the warnings about nanotechnology weaponry in the first link below. It warns the Chinese could unleash a nanotechnology weapon which would “destroy human beings [like] cancerous polyps” even as the infrastructure of the destroyed nations could then be “repopulated” by the Chinese. Russia is so close to China it would be especially easy for Chinese survivors to repopulate Russian lands.

I used to think that the Chinese would adapt nanotechnology weapons to develop bioengineered “designer DNA” nano-bots which would attack certain targeted racial/ethnic DNA groups. That would take a lot of effort and time and it would require inventing designer nanotechnology weapons for each DNA group to be targeted. Now I realize something far more sinister could be accomplished by Chinese genetic engineers. The Chinese may be trying to develop a nanotechnology weapon which will simply would kill all human beings of any race or ethnicity except their own Chinese race. If this sinister plan was perfected, the Chinese could unleash billions of such pre-programmed nanobots all over the earth which would be designed to kill all human beings which did not have ethnic Chinese DNA. This would be far simpler than designing multiple nanoweapons to attack each ethnic DNA group. Rather than design many different nanoweapons to offensively target each racial/ethnic group on earth, China could design one type of nanoweapon which would kill all racial/ethnic groups while “recognizing” each ethnic Chinese person as a “friendly” to be spared. Rather than designing many types of offensive nanoweapons for every other DNA group on earth, the Chinese could design a single nanoweapon which needs only one defensive genetic recognition system built into it.

Current military weaponry often has an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) system built into it to avoid “friendly fire” from killing one’s own troops or those of allies who share the same IFF system. If the Chinese could develop a nanotechnology superweapon which distributes nanobots all over the world in many ways (via airbursts from exploded missiles, dissemination in food or water supplies, etc.) with a bioengineered “IFF system” which kills all humans except those recognized as being sufficiently Chinese in their genetic patterns to deactivate the nanobot’s killing capacity, the Chinese would literally, “inherit the earth.” No more whites and blacks and no more Orientals not having Chinese genetic patterns in their DNA. Think of how diabolically-easy it would be for China to unleash this weapon not only vs. the western nations but also against Russia and Iran. Chinese personnel could introduce these nanobot weapons into the food and water supplies of the Gog-Magog alliance and while Russians and Iranians would fall ill quickly, the Chinese troops could ingest the same nanobots by the 1000s and be unharmed because the nanobots would recognize “friendly” Chinese DNA patterns in each Chinese host and the nanobots would not activate their harmful effects against Chinese people.

If this happens, the Iranians would simply die out without an effective means of retaliation vs. China. However, a recent blog discussed Russia’s “Perimeter” or “Dead Hand” doomsday system which can go on attacking enemies even if all Russians have been killed. Russia could adapt its doomsday system to include not only radiation and seismic sensors but DNA sensors as well. The Russian system could be programmed to require the daily interaction of living Russians with the doomsday system’s sensors to prove to it that Russians from all regions of Russia were still alive. I’m sure the system could be programmed to launch Russian weapons of mass destruction against China if the system detects that Russians are dying off all over Russia without nuclear/seismic actions indicating a nuclear attack had occurred. If living Russians are dying off and cannot provide living DNA reassurances to the doomsday system, its programming could conclude that China has activated its nanotechnology weaponry against all nations (including Russia) and Russia’s doomsday system would fire its remaining superweapons at China, not the USA and the West (which do not have such advanced nanotechnology capacities).

Even if nuclear weapons are banned someday, various nations are likely to “lie” and keep some on hand anyway in very hidden locations. Other superweapons are also being researched and perhaps deployed. These could include weather-modification, earthquake-generation weaponry, HAARP, invisibility/cloaking technology, supposed UFOs (which are really aerial platforms of earthly nations) with plasma weapons and advanced propulsion systems, quantum bombs, etc.

I think you can see why Matthew 24:2221-22 prophesies that there will be such a “great tribulation” at the end of this age that all mankind would go extinct if Divine action did not occur to step in and stop World War III. Matthew 24:21 says it will be a time “such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, nor ever shall be [again].” This language echoes the wording of prophecies in Daniel 12:1 and Jeremiah 30:7 that a time of unprecedented danger will arrive at the end of the latter days of our age. These three prophecies are all referring to the same dire period of time at the conclusion of this age.

Rest assured, the Creator God will intervene to keep his creation from going extinct on the earth. However, the casualties will be unbelievably high. Ezekiel 39:1-2 prophesies the nations of the Gog-Magog alliance will experience a death rate of 83.7% of their people (i.e 5/6ths). The fatality rates of the other nations is not given in the prophecy, but you can be sure they will be very high as well. It appears to me that those Chinese nanobots (if perfected) will likely be unleashed against all nations to help cause such a fearsome rate of fatalities around the world. Perhaps this blog explains what China is attempting to develop in its secret nanotechnology weapons labs. Perhaps not. But you have to admit it is a plausible way that China could be planning to “inherit the earth” all by itself. However, Matthew 5:5 tells us the “meek [not China] will inherit the earth.” This will happen when Jesus Christ/Yahshua returns and establishes his Millennial/Messianic Age rule for 1000 years (Revelation 20:1-4). Psalm 91 and Isaiah 54:17 also promise Believers that God can arrange things so no pestilence, plague or weapon will harm them. That can also include invulnerability to Chinese nanotechnology weapons.

All the nations could understand what is surely going to happen in the future if they read and understood the Bible, the Divine Word of the creator. Unfortunately, I don’t think too many nations are paying attention. However, you can understand what is coming, and you can forward this link to those you care about so they can have this information as well.