December 28, 2008
Steve Collins
As the USA continues to exhaust its military personnel with repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and as the USA’s military equipment is damaged or worn out in these conflicts, Russia and China are steadily building up their military forces and assets. As readers of this blog know, Ezekiel 38-39 reveal that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will eventually attack the nations of the modern western world at the very end of this age. Here are some of the latest developments.
The first blog below (from a British news source) reports that Russia has announced a new weapons build-up as part of “a series of combative moves by the Kremlin.” The weapons build-up will deploy 70 new nuclear ICBMs, an unknown quantity of short-range missiles, 300 tanks, 14 warships and 50 warplanes. The new weaponry will be deployed during 2009-2011. Russia apparently intends to build up its military forces in spite of the recent fall in oil prices.
The second blog reports that China intends to build an aircraft carrier “by 2010” to project its naval power. While China may build an aircraft carrier, it is unskilled in the tactics of how to operate a carrier-based fleet. The US Navy has decades of finely-honed skills in operating carriers to maximum efficiency. For this reason, I think China’s aircraft carrier (if it is built) may be a decoy to mislead western planners. Generals and admirals always tend to plan for the next war by “fighting the last one.” For example, western planners think deployed aircraft carrier task forces are the ultimate naval weapon system. This may no longer be true. Even as battleships were quickly rendered obsolete in World War II by the aircraft carrier, aircraft carriers could now be sunk rather quickly by submarines or small naval ships which can fire supersonic cruise missiles which can overwhelm carrier defense systems (which were designed to counter subsonic cruise missiles).
Previous blogs at this site have documented media reports that Russia has developed a supersonic cruise-missile called the “Sizzler,” and that Chinese subs have already been equipped with this Russian missile. Some readers will recall that a Chinese sub surfaced within easy firing range of the USS Kitty Hawk (I think over a year ago) so it is evident that Chinese subs are stalking US carrier task forces already. If my memory is accurate, the US Navy has 12 carrier task forces. You can be sure that at the outset of any future hostilities, Russian and Chinese subs would fire salvos of supersonic cruise missiles to try and sink each US carrier in the first minutes of a new war. Even US carriers in their home ports would be targeted. In fact, they would sitting ducks like the US battleships were at Pearl Harbor. If the USA’s carriers were wiped out in the opening act of a new world war, the US would be without strategic naval assets (and the entire naval air squadrons would be gone as well).
The real threat to the American navy is not any future Chinese aircraft carrier. The immediate threat to US carriers is the supersonic Russian cruise missiles already deployed on Russian and Chinese subs, Russian backfire bombers, etc. Chinese announcements about possible future aircraft carriers could simply be a ruse to cause US war planners to look in the wrong direction for possible threats. Unless the USA has developed and deployed a defensive system with each carrier task force to shoot down the new Russian supersonic cruise missiles fired by subs, bombers, etc., the carriers are not likely to survive the first hour of the next world war. I think the Pentagon realizes this danger as a more recent blog at this site detailed tests of a new defensive system built to counter ICBM attacks against our naval fleets. Since ICBMs are supersonic, this defensive system should also be able to track and shoot down attacking supersonic cruise missiles. Let’s hope it does!
The third link below (from an Israeli website) reports Russia has already rushed to Iran a number of its top-of-the-line S-300 air defense systems to deter an attack by Israel or the USA vs. Iranian nuclear sites (Iran’s nuclear reactor was provided by Russia, of course). Perhaps the USA and Israel have waited too long to effectively attack the Iranian nuclear facilities via conventional weapons attacks. We’ll have to wait and see.
Finally, the fourth link details the visit of a Russian warship to a Cuban port (not far from Florida and the US Gulf Coast). While this is easily dismissed by US war planners as mere Russian saber-rattling, consider the eventual threat that this action could foreshadow. The same Russian ship also visited Venezuela recently. Since this is a modern Russian warship, it is likely equipped with the Russian supersonic “sizzler” cruise missiles. Russia doesn’t need to build an expensive new naval base in Cuba to successfully attack US warships berthed in US Gulf Coast ports in a future war. If Russia lulls the USA to sleep by getting the USA to accept Russian warships in Cuba and Venezuela as “normal” events, the opening of a future war vs. the USA could include supersonic cruise missiles being launched from Russian warships making “normal” visits to Cuban and Venezuelan ports.  As part of a coordinated worldwide strike vs. all major US and NATO war assets, a Russian warship in Cuban waters could fire salvos of sizzler cruise missiles (and subsonic cruise missiles) at all major US naval ships located in US ports on the Gulf of Mexico and on Florida’s coasts. a Russian warship in Venezuelan waters could launch similar attacks vs. the Panama Canal, also destroying that asset in the opening minutes of a new world war. These attacks would occur at exactly the same time that Russian and Chinese subs (or warplanes) launched similar missiles at every US carrier wherever they are located on the globe. If the USA is not on a war footing and alert, would any carriers or major ships survive?
The USA does not realize the dangers it faces. While it is preoccupied with seemingly-endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia and China (strategic allies to each other) are quietly preparing to launch a global surprise attack against the USA and all its allies.  How do I know this? Ezekiel 38 has foretold this event in advance. It prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a global World War III vs. the USA and its allies at the very end of this age (the western democracies are called “Israel” in this prophecy because they are mostly descended from the migrating ten tribes of “Israel” who never returned to the ancient Promised Land as “Judah”-the Jews-have done). The migrating ten tribes of Israel have grown very large and prosperous, just as the Bible prophesied would occur after they were exiled from the Promised Land millennia ago. God has guaranteed he will cause this final war to occur if he has to implant the thoughts in the minds of the Russian and Chinese leaders to do it (Ezekiel 38:4, 10-11). Given the increased bellicosity of Vladimir Putin and the rapid expansion of the Chinese military, it looks like God has already done this. We could be living in the preparatory stages for this attack. I hope some US war planners in the Pentagon are paying attention to the ways that Russia and China could easily paralyze US defenses in the opening hour of a new World War III. I wonder if the Pentagon war-gamers have considered the Russian-Chinese attack scenarios suggested above in this blog. I hope so…because Ezekiel 38 warns an attack like this is inevitable.,2933,466989,00.html