Continuing what is by now a well-established pattern, China has continued to make ever-more provocative actions toward its neighboring nations.
The first link details several of these latest provocations. China has conducted its first use of an unmanned aircraft drone near the Senkaku Islands, the ownership of which is disputed with Japan. The incident caused the Japanese air force to scramble fighter jets to intercept the Chinese plane. In a second incident, the Chinese air force flew one of its nuclear-capable bombers through the Miyako Strait near Okinawa, a Japanese Island. Recently, the Chinese Coast Guard also sent seven of its vessels on a mission which “sailed inside Japanese territorial waters…”
China is steadily acting more militaristically provocative. To help readers locate the Miyako Strait, I’ve included the second link which also notes China’s provocative actions. The third link is a video of Chinese naval vessels in convoy.
The fourth link includes a more-detailed report about Chinese military provocations against its neighboring nations. It reports the viewpoints of a US general on this subject, and it includes his warning that China’s bellicose actions are increasing the risks of an armed conflict breaking out in the region. It also includes details about the USA increasing its capacity to defend the West Coast of the USA from incoming missiles from North Korea and, eventually, Iran. He does not mention Russian or Chinese missiles, which are obviously already a very real threat. The missiles of those nations could be launched as ICBMs, as cruise missiles launched from bombers or as cruise missiles from naval vessels off the West Coast. This link also reports the USA is considering the construction of anti-missile defenses on the East Coast, which is apparently entirely undefended from such threats at present.  
The fifth link and sixth link confirm just how real the threat of Chinese missiles hitting the US mainland really is. In 2010, it was reported by a few media sources that a Chinese submarine fired a missile into the air just off the USA’s West Coast as a warning to the USA. The missile was fired away from the USA, but it could easily have been fired at the USA. If a Chinese missile were fired at the USA, it could likely do more damage to the USA if it detonated an EMP weapon (taking down the electrical grid in the western half of the USA or perhaps the entire nation due to a cascading electrical failure) than if it hit a US city with a nuclear weapon. These two links report the Obama administration came up with a “cover story” to explain away the missile’s contrail, but the cover story was easily refuted by hard information. It appears the Obama administration does not want the US population to realize just how vulnerable it is to a Chinese (or Russian attack). All US citizens ought to be worried when the US Defense department is spending an immense amount of money on all kinds of things, but it has no program to detect Russian or Chinese subs near our coasts and has built nothing to defend the USA’s East Coast from a missile attack.
Of course, readers of this blog know that Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that in the biblical “latter days,” an alliance including Russia, China, Iran, etc. will attack and invade the North American continent and Europe. This “Red Dawn” scenario, popularized in two movies of that name, was prophesied in the Bible over 2500 years ago to occur in the years ahead of us. To see unmistakable evidence that we live in the biblical latter days, please read my article, “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, and to see much detail on the prophesied attack of Russia, China, Iran and their allies vs. The USA, NATO and its allies, please read my article entitled, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. If Nostradamus had written anything as provable and relevant for our time as can be found in Ezekiel 38-39 and other biblical prophecies, I believe it would be all over the cable-TV networks. However, since it is the Bible which contains such a demonstrable level of accuracy in its prophecies, you will hear only…silence.