I was wondering if you could comment on the LHC (large hadron
collider) which will circulate it’s first beam on 9/10/08.


Dear Lillie,
The Large Hadron Collider in Europe has been on the news lately, and I saw a segment that the first preliminary test of its equipment was a success. I’m not a physicist, so I can’t comment on the technical aspects of the project. However, it is a technical leap forward in mankind’s efforts to understand how the Universe is put together.
It was prophesied in Daniel 12:4 that there would be an exponential increase in mankind’s fund of knowledge at “the time of the end,” and Matthew 24:37 prophesies that the “time of the end” [of this age] would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah. Genesis 4:20-22 confirms mankind had a sophisticated “division of labor” society in the pre-Flood world (there were agriculturalists, metallurgists and musicians) and the apocryphal book of Jasher records that pre-Flood mankind could “mingle the species together” (Jasher IV. 18). To accomplish such a feat, the pre-Flood scientists had to map the genome, have high-tech labs like we do today with all that implies. Until God changed the languages of all the nations at Babel, post-Flood mankind had access to all the secrets of the pre-Flood world in writings preserved on the Ark (or in the heads of Noah’s sons and their wives), and they were quickly reinventing the technologies that the pre-Flood world had developed. In Genesis 11:6, God acknowledged that post-Flood mankind had reached the “tipping point” where, technologically, “nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.”
Modern mankind, deceived by evolutionary fables and mankind’s emergence from the Dark Ages, assumes that god was angry that post-Flood mankind was building a large ziggurat. This is a laughably “minimalist” concept. Genesis 4 records post-Flood mankind had built a city at which they were constructing a “tower” whose “top” would “reach unto heaven.” Daniel 12:4 and Matthew 24:37 argue that we should look for a high-tech explanation of this verse, not a low-tech one. Since our society was to mirror that of the pre-Flood world (which was being rebuilt at Babel), do we have modern parallels to tall, erect towers whose “tops” (think “nosecones” or “payloads”) will literally “reach unto heaven?” Of course we do. They are missiles and rockets hurling nosecones into outer space to put satellites or astronauts into earth-orbit or launch deep-space exploration missions. Like pre-Flood mankind, modern mankind has progressively forgotten God as it learns more about the Universe which our Creator has made. The LHC will surely add to mankind’s esoteric knowledge of the building blocks of matter and the field of quantum physics. As some point the scientists will learn that all matter is “built” with compressed or contained particles of energy. They will then match the level of knowledge expressed in Hebrews 11:3 in the 1st century AD  that “things which are seen are made of things which do not appear.” 
The real danger is that since mankind does not have the character to control and manage his curiosity, finding the knowledge of “how all things are made” creates the possibility of some madman creating a device which could start a quantum reaction in all matter which would “unmake” all things as well (i.e. some kind of “doomsday” device). Matthew 24:22 prophesies that at the time Jesus Christ, the Messiah, returns, “all flesh” will be nearing the point of extinction. Maybe the knowledge gained in the LHC will eventually lead to a possible “doomsday weapon.” On the other hand, mankind already has enough Weapons of Mass Destruction to risk self-destruction so the LHC may turn out to be an expensive boondoggle. We’ll have to wait and see.
Hope these comments intrigue you! A spoken message of mine on the subject of the advanced state of the pre-Flood world is also available at this website. Although I gave that message about two decades ago, it still confirms that the pre-Flood world was a high-tech world like our own.