In a remarkable development that was almost completely overlooked by the western media, A Kuwaiti TV broadcast recently featured a Kuwaiti writer who proclaimed some very pro-Israeli positions. He openly asserted that Israel was a legitimate state, and that the Israelis were not “occupying” Palestine and that there was no “Palestine” before the Jewish state of Israel was founded. His comments acknowledged the historic claim of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, and he furthermore called for a three-way alliance of the Sunni Arab nations, Israel and the USA to oppose Iran and its proxies in the Mideast. He supported these three parties joining in an effort to “annihilate” Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy army that has taken over southern Lebanon and has thousands of missiles pointed at Israel (first link).

I believe that there is no way that these kinds of pro-Israeli statements could have been made openly on a Kuwaiti TV station unless the government of Kuwait pre-approved the message. Israeli-Kuwaiti informal cooperation has been occurring for years, as the second link confirms. It cites pro-Israeli statements from Kuwaiti legislators from 2013, so some positive Israeli-Kuwaiti ties have existed for some time “behind the scenes.” I think the Kuwaiti Government allowed the open expression of such pro-Israeli statements on a TV station to help prepare the “Arab street” for a major shift that is coming in the Mideast. As my past posts have documented, there are many signs of a pending major shift in Mideast politics: the open alliance of the Arab Sunni nations with Israel for mutual security against Iran and its many proxy forces in the Mideast. My posts opined years ago that such a development would occur, and posts in recent years have cited links affirming that that development was, indeed, happening. There are two realities that are hastening this new alliance. Iran is rapidly expanding its militarily power, courtesy of former US President Obama, whose Iranian “agreement” (many see it as a surrender) released over $100 billion to Iran. Iran can buy a lot of military hardware and expertise for that money. The second factor is that the Palestinians have taken an openly pro-Iranian stance, as previous posts have noted. This action by the Palestinians means that the Saudis and all the Sunni nations no longer have any reason to delay their alliance with Israel due to the “Palestinian question.” The statement on Kuwaiti TV was so pro-Israeli that it may herald a pending “deal” wherein the Palestinians’ “demands” are given short shrift. However, not everyone has yet “gotten the memo” about the shifting politics tectonics in the Mideast. Over a year ago, a top Kuwaiti openly attacked Israel at an international forum (third link).

I think the pending agreement to create open diplomatic relations and possibly even an alliance between the Saudis/Sunnis and Israel was at least partially behind the purge of many top Saudi officials and princes by the Crown prince of Saudi Arabia. He may have purged many officials and princes who would likely have opposed such a deal. However, the Sunnis and Israelis better move fast if they are going to do such an agreement or alliance. Iran and its Iraqi proxies are pushing steadily across previously ISIS-held land toward Syria even as the Russian-backed Syrians are pushing toward Iraq to link the two groups together to quickly create a fait accompli. A direct corridor for Iranian military forces from Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea is close to happening. In my opinion, President Trump has “shot himself in the foot” by abandoning America’s Kurdish allies in northern Iraq as soon as the Kurds helped finish off ISIS there, and Trump appears to also be abandoning America’s Kurdish allies in Syria (fourth link). For a president who proclaimed his deal-making ability, Trump has been easily duped by Iran and Turkey just as Obama was duped by Iran. Turkey, under President Erdogan, hates both the Kurds and the Israelis (both staunch allies of the USA), and the fourth link indicates Trump is caving to Turkish interests instead of asserting American interests (again, in my opinion).

The Kurds are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslims who would be natural allies of the USA, the Sunnis and Israel vs. Shiite Iran; however, if they are forsaken by these entities, the Kurds may turn to Russia and Iran, who will surely welcome their interest. The Kurds stood alone vs. the advancing tide of ISIS across the Mideast, and they saved and sheltered many people from a variety of faiths. Their halt of ISIS’ advance in northern Iraq likely saved Iraq itself from collapse. For these heroic actions, the Kurds deserve a state of their own. In my opinion, the USA should have insisted upon Kurdish independence from the central government of Iraq, which has been a puppet of Iran for years (fifth link). Trump’s advisors don’t seem to realize this fact. Indeed, a successful effort by the Iranians to link their nation in a continuous land route to Syria, the Mediterranean Sea and the northern Israeli border may be the worst thing that could occur for Russian interests. Iran is committed to “wiping Israel off the map,” and if a Shiite corridor from Iran right to the northern Israel is created, then Iran can shift massive amounts of weaponry and troops directly to Israel’s northern border. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has said Israel will do whatever is necessary to prevent this from occurring, so Israel would almost certainly have to go to war against Iran and all its proxies to prevent Iran from quickly moving much of its military power right to Israel’s northern border to invade Israel even as Hezbollah launches thousands (or tens of thousands) of missiles at Israel. President Trump’s cave-in to Turkey’s endless anti-Kurdish animus could actually hasten a major Mideast war as the Kurds could be a critical blocking force to prevent a Shiite corridor across the Mideast from forming. Trump also doesn’t grasp the rest of the world will judge him by how well he treats his Kurdish allies. If he cravenly betrays them after their very loyal actions, as now seems likely, then all the world will wonder if the USA (and President Trump) can be a faithful ally. I believe Trump is understandably so preoccupied with the urgent threat from North Korea that he is giving scant attention to urgent Mideast matters.

Maybe the Saudis, the Arab Sunni nations and Israel can see Trump’s policies (or lack of a realistic policy) is going to put them in grave danger sooner rather than later. This may cause an acceleration of the Israeli-Sunni alliance. The pro-Israeli Kuwaiti TV broadcast indicates this may be happening. By abandoning the Kurds, Trump may have just put the USA on the sidelines as the fate of the vast Mideast oil fields will be decided in a major war which the USA could have prevented with pragmatic policies in the region.

Whatever happens in this uncertain situation, we still need to be mindful of Zephaniah 2:1-9 which foretold the creation of a Jewish nation in the old Promised Land in the latter days of our age, and Zechariah 12:1-6 which prophesies God will defend the Jewish nation and Jerusalem in the latter days and that the latter-day Jewish nation would be powerfully victorious in its latter-day wars. Genesis 49:8-10 also prophesies the Jews (Judah) will be militarily powerful and successful in the latter days (see Genesis 49:1). If anyone doubts the identification of modern Israelis/Jews as the tribe of Judah, please read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah. If a major war breaks out in the Mideast, Iran and its proxies may learn that Zechariah 12:1-6 and Genesis 49:8-10 are being backed by a very real Creator God of Israel in these latter days. If any reader needs convincing proof that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? 

My thanks to a reader for sending me one of these links.