This short post is to pass on to readers a key development. As many know, Iraq has been effectively divided into three sections. The central government is Shiite and aligned with Shiite Iran. The western part of Iraq is Sunni Moslem and its loyalties are with Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Much of northern part of Iraq is already governed by an autonomous Kurdish authority with its own governmental ministries and its own army. A previous post even documented that Turkish oil company interests were negotiating directly with the Kurdish government and by-passing the central government of Iraq—indicating that even Turks are beginning to recognize the northern Kurdistan region as an autonomous state of its own.


This link reports that the Kurdistan government is threatening to sent its military forces into Syria to protect Ethnic Kurds in Syria from radical Al Queda forces operating with the Syrian rebels. This action shows that the Kurds’ loyalties do not lie with radical Islam or with Iran. This is good news for the West and argues that the Kurds will not be part of the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. If the Kurdish Peshmerga army sweeps into Kurdish-inhabited Syria, it will also mean they are laying a de facto claim to all of northern Iraq.


It is my personal view that the Kurdish Peshmerga would be a very stabilizing and protective force to local populations wherever they intervene in Northeastern Syria. If the Kurds seize a section of Syria, it increases the likelihood (and justification) for Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to place a section of Syria under the protective custody of their armies as well. These actions could make the entire region very volatile, indeed!