Mr. Collins,
My personal belief is that the modern day Karaim of Lithuania are essentially the true decendants and heirs to the Khazar bloodline.  I’d be surprised if non-Jewish Khazarian blood compromised more than 1 – 2% of modern day Ashkenazim.  Besides, there are no linguistic traces of Turkic lexicon to be found anywhere yiddish, the language of the Ashkenazim (I know, because my family speaks yiddish).
Your well written and researched article certainly dispels the new big lie that Ashkenazim are “imposters” (a Jew-hating trend which seems to be all the rage these days).
Thank you for your committment to truth – as opposed to political correctness.
A. Weisman
Mr. Weisman,
Thank you very much for your emailed comments. I appreciate your commentary on the Khazars and you can be assured that my continuing purpose is to champion the truth and avoid political correctness. Thanks for your positive response to my article on the Khazars. It is abundantly evident that modern Jews/Israelis are the tribe of Judah–a “brother” tribe to the modern nations which have descended from the ten tribes of Israel. 
Steve Collins