Well, it has begun. I am referring to the international fall-out caused by the chronic weakness of the USA and the West to confront and stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. As I’ve noted in previous blogs, the Sunni Arab Moslems are deeply threatened by the nuclear weapons program of Iran (regarded by the Arabs as “Persia”–the name Ezekiel 38:5 also gives to the modern nation of Iran). Jordan has openly announced its intention to “go nuclear.” I expect other Sunni Arab nations to follow suit. First a paragraph for a brief update on Iran.

It is very clear that Iran intends to have nuclear weapons and will allow no one to stop that effort. The first link below reports that Iran admits that it located some of its nuclear facilities deep inside mountains to “ensure continuity of its nuclear activities in case of attack.” I had to laugh when I watched the TV news last night and there was another announcement about “progress” in negotiations between western nations and Iran about inspecting the underground nuclear weapons facility near Qom, Iran. The gullibility of western leaders and diplomats is a marvel to behold! Iran agreed to international inspections, but the “catch” was that those inspections would not be allowed for at least two weeks. That is plenty of time for Iran to hide crucial components and move them to innermost caverns where the international inspectors will not be allowed to go. Even if international inspectors can see what is going on with the underground facility near Qom, what about the other underground nuclear facilities built by Iran? Will international inspectors go there too or will they pretend they don’t exist? My October 1st blog revealed that British Intelligence revealed the existence of “a staggering five more similar plants” (i.e. underground Iranian nuclear facilities). Iran made no offers to allow international inspectors anywhere near its other underground nuclear facilities. If the British found five more underground facilities in Iran, who is say whether Iran has another ten or more such facilities which have not yet been found by western intelligence? These other underground Iranian nuclear facilities will be charged with completing Iran’s nuclear weapons program with all deliberate haste.

Because the West has exhibited no backbone of any kind in confronting Iran, the Sunni Arab nations have no choice but to take actions to protect themselves. Jordan has announced “intensified efforts to launch a civilian nuclear program including up to six reactors” (emphasis added). The timing of this announcement, right after the West appears to be “caving in ” and accepting a nuclear-armed Iran, seems more than a mere coincidence to me. Jordan, like the Israelis, has made a decision to survive. In order to survive in a world which includes a nuclear-armed Iran, one must have nuclear weapons of your own. Of course, Jordan has announced that  its massive nuclear facilities program (in the middle of the energy-rich Mideast) will be “civilian” in nature. At the very least, Jordan is “hedging its bets.” The program can stay civilian or be cancelled if Iran’s nuclear facilities are wiped out. If Iran becomes a nuclear power, Jordan’s “civilian” nuclear program will proceed in haste. France is reported to be helping Jordan already in obtaining uranium ores.

Don’t think Jordan will be the only Sunni Arab nation to “go nuclear.” Expect Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and perhaps others to suddenly feel the need to develop “nuclear facilities” of their own. The second link announces funding for Jordan’s nuclear facilities will be from “international institutions.” This brings up another possibility. Those “international institutions” may be located in Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. Jordan is well-known as an historically western-oriented Arab nation. Its “Arab Legion” was trained by the British in the late 1940s. Jordanian monarchs seem to have a proclivity for being trained in British military schools and marrying American wives. Jordan is both trusted by the West and enjoys “unofficially” good ties with the Israelis. It may be that a secret deal was done in the back rooms of the Sunni Arab nations. Jordan will be where the Sunni Arab nuclear bombs will be produced, but they will be financed by oil-rich Arab nations who will share in the production of nuclear weapons produced at the many Jordanian nuclear plants about to be built. When Syria tried to build a nuclear facility with North Korean help, it was mysteriously bombed out of existence. Given that Jordan and Israel are neighbors, I sense a possibility that the Israelis may already have been consulted on this deal to develop a Sunni Arab nuclear program in Jordan (after all, the Israelis could destroy any Jordanian reactors in minutes any time they choose so it makes sense that the Israelis would have been consulted on this arrangement). Iran is way ahead of the Sunni Arabs in nuclear progress. A tacit Israeli nuclear shield over the Sunni Arab nations while the Arabs are building their own bombs would be a good plan for both the Israelis and Sunni Arabs. The USA is a waning power led by a very inexperienced president. Everyone in the Mideast (and world) now recognizes this fact. Alliances may be made that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Remember the adage:  “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Iran is becoming a very threatening “enemy” to the Sunni Arab nations as well as to the Israelis. The Sunni Arabs and the Israelis may yet learn they have more in common than they ever realized: a common desire to survive and remain free of Iranian tyranny.

Ezekiel 38’s list of nations that will be part of the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia and China specifically names Persia (Shiite Iran) and Cush (which includes at the very east the region of Afghanistan and Pakistan now dominated by the Taliban and where the name of “Cush” is stamped on modern maps via the Hindu Kush mountains). The Ishmaelites (descended from Abraham via his first son, Ishmael) are not named as being a part of this Gog-Magog alliance. Given the prominence of Ishmael as a son of Abraham, their omission from that list indicates to me that the Sunni Arab nations will not be part of the Gog-Magog alliance. Technically, Jordan is descended from the children of Lot, Abraham’s nephew. The name of Lot’s son, Ammon, is still on the capital of Jordan (Amman). Jordan is, therefore, also part of “Abraham’s family.” The Israelis are the tribe of Judah, descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel. The remaining tribes of Israel (who were prophesied to be vastly more populous than the Jews) migrated into Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand where their nations are located today. [See my books, articles and speeches at this website for abundant evidence on this point.]  Abraham’s family also includes the Edomites, and my writings and blogs have identified Turkey as descended from Edom (the Ottoman Empire bore the name of Duke Teman, one of the most prominent tribes of the Edomites in Genesis 36). Edom is also not named as being part of the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38-39, although Turkey’s current direction is unclear.

It’s beginning to look like all of Abraham’s modern family of nations, which were prophesied to be “many nations” (Genesis 17:5-6) will all be on the same side in the climactic World War III prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to occur at the very end of this current age of mankind. This age will end when the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (and who also blessed Ishmael in Genesis 17:20) personally intervenes on the side of Abraham’s family of nations to rescue them from their enemies. However, until that day arrives, Abraham’s family of nations better keep their powder dry and prepare for the war that is prophesied to come in future years. It is also becoming increasingly clear that the God who inspired the Bible is guiding world events to make sure his prophesies come to pass, which is exactly what he said he would do in Isaiah 41:21-26.