Egypt and Saudi Arabia recently concluded a large joint military exercise which was designed to have their respective militaries practice working together to fight Iran’s military in a future war if necessary (see link below). The exercises were conducted on Egyptian soil, and large numbers of Saudi military vehicles and troops were sent to Egypt for the exercise. It is presumed that the Saudi military forces arrived in Egypt via ship, but it is not specifically stated that such was the case.

This exercise confirms that Sunni Arab nations and Egypt are working together with a greater sense of urgency to counter Iran’s military forces when/if a large war breaks out in the Mideast. The military exercise practiced how “Egyptian forces [could] be rushed to the area under attack and join up with the Saudis” for both defensive and offensive operations against Iranian forces. What is unspoken in this exercise’s goal is how the Egyptian forces would quickly be moved into Saudi Arabia to join Saudi forces to repel an Iranian attack. The quickest way for this to happen is if the Israelis allow the Egyptian army to cross Israeli soil in the Negev region of Israel to quickly move their tanks, troops, etc. into Saudi Arabia (a glance at any map will confirm this). This is the method that would be the most effective and the one that I think would be used if a major Mideast War breaks out. The fact that the link below includes this statement “Egypt gave Israel advance notice of the maneuver and met with its approval (emphasis added)” strongly infers that the Israelis were a silent partner in this Egyptian-Saudi exercise in the event it has to be implemented in the future. If Iran is waging war against nations in the Mideast, it would be totally in the Israeli strategic interest to assist in any way possible the nations fighting Iran.

The possibility that the Israelis would allow Egyptian military forces to cross Israeli soil to link up with friendly Saudi and Sunni Arab nations’ military forces in an war with Iran was suggested in one of my blogs at this website months ago. Israeli forces in such a war might be occupied with fighting Hezbollah or Syrian military forces along Israel’s northern border, but the possibility exists that Israeli tanks and military forces might join those of Egyptian and Sunni Arab nations to defeat Iranian military forces in ground battles in the Mideast. If this happens, expect the Jordanians to join the Egyptian-Saudi-Israel alliance, and such an event would permanently change the Mideast political situation in a way that could make Israel an open ally of the Egyptians and the Sunni Arab nation.

In a lengthy article available at the Articles tab of my website, A New Look at Prophecy, I pointed out that the final “king of the north vs. king of the south” war in Daniel 11:40-44 says absolutely nothing about any war between the Israelis and the Arabs. Using biblical language, one would need to see prophetic language about a war between Judah (the Israelis) and the Ishmaelites (the Arabs), but such language does not exist in this prophecy. It is possible that the two Persian Gulf Wars in 1991 and 2003 may have fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-43 (as my article suggests), but there is still the possibility that the 1991 and 2003 wars were only “warm-ups” to a much bigger war that is just ahead of us. If Iran, not Iraq, proves to be the final “king of the south,” then Daniel 11:40-43 may yet be fulfilled in a war that is yet in the future. Believers need to stay flexible, and “watch” to see how biblical prophecies are being fulfilled.

However, the growing sense that the Israelis will be willing partners to allow the Egyptian army to cross Israeli soil to fight as allies of the Sunni Arab nations against the Iranians is a very major development. Major changes in past geopolitical realities may be pending. After fighting the Israelis in past wars, I think the Egyptians and Jordanians would relish the chance to have the Israelis as allies and see the very-capable Israeli air force providing air cover for Egyptian and Arab ground forces fighting Iran. Personally, I’d very much welcome such a development if it occurs.