A reader sent me this link, and I’m passing it on to all readers for your consideration. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of everything in this video, but there is a great deal of evidence which merits consideration.

Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, hosts a program on cable-TV that investigates secret conspiracies and stories being hidden from the general public. This video clip shows Ventura presenting plausible evidence that there is a huge underground complex and system of tunnels that was built underneath the Denver International Airport. It also documents some very creepy artwork at the Denver airport which portrays an expected apocalyptic event of some kind. Ventura and his guests also took a drive around the periphery of the Denver airport and discovered obvious tunnel-building components.

If this underground sanctuary is being built by the US government, it is evidently intended to shelter the elite insiders from some kind of anticipated or planned catastrophic event that would require extensive underground shelters where the favored few could be protected for a prolonged period of time. Ventura’s program indicates that a major crisis is apparently anticipated in 2012. If this is true (and I want to stress that I cannot personally vouch for the information in Ventura’s story), it is evident the builders of these shelters have long been expecting a major crisis on the surface of the earth as this type of extensive underground sanctuary would take many years to plan and build.

What could be the crisis that could cause such extensive underground complexes to be built by the insider elites? A massive solar flare or EMP blast that would destroy electric/electronic infrastructures on the earth’s surface, a nuclear war, a pandemic of a new disease, a major earth change of some kind, a “false-flag”/planned catastrophe of some kind, a comet or meteor hitting the earth’s surface (as Revelation 8:8-11 infers will happen in the latter days), a general breakdown of the current political/financial order (as Revelation 17-18 prophesies will surely occur in the latter days) that could cause global chaos are all possible explanations. I don’t claim to know which of the above might be the cause of the panic that is motivating the construction of underground “places of safety” for the insider elites. However, Ventura’s program makes one thing clear: If these secret tunnels and underground complexes (or cities) are real, the general public is not being told about whatever disaster is expected and the general public will have to fend for themselves. However, as Ventura’s program notes, as news of this secret refuge is being made known on national TV, there could be 2-3 million Denver-area people besieging the Denver airport and looking for the entrances to the underground shelters when/if a major crisis hits. Ventura’s program also begs the question; if a major government/insider elite underground city has been built under Colorado, how many other underground cities have been built around the USA or the world?

My counsel to believers is two-fold. Read Psalm 91 and realize that God can protect you and your family from any harm that will occur on the earth. If you have a relationship with God and rely on him in faith, he can protect you even if many thousands are “falling” all around you from war, pestilence or any other evil. Spend a good deal of time in prayer with the Creator building a relationship with him and asking for his protection. Secondly, you need to prepare as much as possible for any kind of prolonged crisis before it strikes. Proverbs 22:3 advises us that “a prudent man foresees evil and hides himself” (or in other words, prepares for the crisis that he can foresee).

Also, many biblical prophesies are full of warnings that dangerous and catastrophic events will befall the earth at the end of the latter day period before Jesus Christ (the Messiah) returns. So no believer who has been reading his/her Bible can say that they weren’t warned by God. The Bible contains examples that when God gives his people advance warnings about dire events that are imminent, he expects them to make preparations for those events. Two such examples are Noah building the Ark when he was warned of an impending global extinction and Joseph stockpiling grain on a massive scale to prepare for an imminent period of crop failures and starvation. Believers who think “Oh, God will protect me no matter what so I don’t need to do anything” may be in for a very rude shock in the future.

For more on what the Bible advises believers in God to do when they know that challenging times are ahead, please read my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times? If Ventura’s program is accurate in its conclusions, the governmental and rich elites are making feverish and extensive preparations for some kind of expected and imminent crisis. If they are doing so, shouldn’t you at least be making some preparations as well?