A story of massive global importance is brewing, but the American mainstream media said nothing about it on the news programs I watched today. Perhaps some reports were aired and I simply didn’t see them. However, you need to know how the war tensions between Japan and China have been ratcheted upward significantly.  

The first link reports that Japanese Prime Minister Abe likened the current crisis between Japan and China to the conditions that existed between Britain and Germany before they went to war in World War I. Please read the preceding sentence again, and notice that the Prime Minister of Japan said this. This gives the statement very powerful weight. As the first link notes, Abe’s point was that extensive trade ties between nations are no guarantee that those same nations will not go to war over other strategic issues.

The second link cited sought to tamp down the obvious “war fever” tone of Abe’s comments by pointing out Abe really meant that Japan and China “must do everything to avoid a similar fate.” Nevertheless, the second link details some of the war tensions in the Chinese-Japanese region where flashpoints could lead to a future war. The third link (sent to me by a friend) dovetails perfectly with this topic as it notes that the Pacific Rim region where Japan and China face each other is now the “most militarized region in the world.”

The fourth link should be must reading for everyone who wants to understand the real depth of hostility that exists between China and Japan. It cites an unnamed influential Chinese leader as making intense anti-Japanese remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that should “scare the crap out of everyone.” I urge you to read what this Chinese leader said about the confrontation between Japan and China in the presence of a group of global leaders.

Many previous posts of mine have discussed the rapid Chinese military build-up which has been occurring in recent years. More recent posts have documented that Japan is launching a major arms build-up to match China’s military threat. Other Pacific Rim nations are “gunning up”‘ as well, and the introduction of China’s new hypersonic missile will only hasten the need for other nations to advance their own militarization programs. The USA’s advanced and super secret XB-37 program also indicates that the USA is developing new and advanced weapons platforms that can attack targets in space and/or attack ground targets from space (see last link). The XB-37 project is a very advanced weapons platform of the United States Air Force which can stay in orbit over a year. What it may be able to do should give China pause about starting any war at this time.

Forgive me for saying so, but what is occurring in the Western Pacific Rim region looks a lot like what happened in Europe just prior to World War I and II. Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 24:7 that “wars and rumors of wars” would characterize the time just prior to his Second Coming, and that is becoming ever more applicable to our time. Not only do we have “rumors of [major] wars” which could occur in the Western Pacific region, in the Persian Gulf, on the Korean Peninsula or between Israel and certain Sunni nations against Shiite Iran, we have actual “wars” causing well over a hundred thousand deaths and generating millions of refugees in the wars now on-going in the civil wars in Syria, the Central African republic and South Sudan. French military intervention just ended a war in Mali caused by an invasion of radical Jihadist Moslems. All-out war is developing in Iraq between the central Shiite government and radical Al Qaida-linked Sunni forces who have taken over two Iraqi cities just west of Baghdad. Syria’s civil war has already spilled over somewhat into neighboring Lebanon. The endless war of the USA in Afghanistan is still not over and sometimes spills over into Pakistan when US drones attack Taliban targets in Western Pakistan. The Ukraine is close to exploding internally over whether it will draw nearer to the EU or to Russia. It seems to me that the momentum toward more war and conflict is growing and the forces holding back wars are weakening.

For more information on what biblical prophecy foretells about the eventual war which will break out in the Western Pacific region (as well as in the rest of the world) at the end of our age, I invite you to read my articles, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III. You will find biblical prophecies to be strikingly accurate regarding modern geopolitical developments.