In past posts, I have made the case that Japan could already be a de facto nuclear power of significant size. Japan’s pacifist post-World War II Constitution forbids it to have a military force, but that limitation was long ago stretched to the breaking point as China and North Korea became existential threats to Japan. Japan has to have an equivalent military force to deter aggression, and that means it must have nuclear weapons. My past posts on this subject have maintained that Japan could truthfully claim to not be a nuclear power as long as it did not fully assemble together the components of a nuclear warhead. They can build the missiles or warplanes to deliver nuclear weapons, but as long as they do not mate the components of nuclear weapons together, they can assert they do not technically have nuclear weapons.

This link makes the case that Japan could be a nuclear power within six months. Japan has massive stockpiles of plutonium to build nuclear warheads and they have had the expertise for decades to build the weaponry and missiles to deliver those warheads. In my posts, I have suggested that Japan could already have built the components of nuclear weapons years ago and its military simply awaits the command to assemble the components together. If this is the true state of affairs, Japan could be a significant nuclear power within hours or days, not months. Given Obama’s persistent weakness in geopolitical national security matters (abandoning Mubarak of Egypt, straining relations with Israel to the breaking point, doing nothing as Russia seizes the Crimea, wanting to reduce the US Army to a very small size and mothball key US warplane types, etc.), Japan has increasing motivations to go nuclear as soon as possible.

This timely link also asserts that Japan could quickly become a nuclear power, and I am passing it on to readers to consider its evidence and conclusion. You can also examine my views about Japan’s role in latter day events (as revealed in Ezekiel 38) in my article, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy.

My thanks to a reader for alerting me to this story.