Steven Collins
December 19, 2007
An important military development has occurred, but it is receiving little coverage in the US media. I saw a “text crawler” about this story on one of the cable-news stations I was watching, but so far that was the only mention I’ve seen in the US media. It wasn’t on the TV news of the network channel I watched nor was it mentioned in either my local newspaper or the USA Today. A web search found brief mentions of the development in a “Pacific Magazine” citation of a BBC story and on ABC Radio Australia (see links below). It is timely that this story broke right after I posted a blog on the military preparations of modern nations for a future world war which the Bible prophesies it inevitable.
As readers know, from the time of the Cold War onward, there has been no defense against nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). That may now be changing. The ABC Radio link reported that a Japanese warship, using a Pacific test range owned by the USA: “shot down a ballistic missile in space.” [Emphasis added.]  The report added that the Japanese ship which fired the successful interception missile, is the first of four new ships which will “counter missiles that could carry chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.” The Pacific Magazine/BBC link noted that the “Japan and the U.S. have collaborated on an anti-missile defense system… since…1998.” While the ABC Radio link states the new anti-missile capability is aimed at preventing attacks from North Korea and Iran, the Pacific Magazine/BBC link indicates the real target of the test is China. Both links are, no doubt, correct. It should also be noted that the successful test was against a medium-range ballistic missile. It was not stated when this technology would be tested against an ICBM, but if this new technology can also be used against ICBMs, it would dramatically change global military strategies.
Obviously, since Japan has demonstrated a successful use of this anti-missile technology on a US test range, the USA now has this anti-missile capacity as well. Given that China is working on many new classes of missiles with which to target US aircraft carriers, it is good to see that Japan and the USA are working on new missile defense programs. In the event of a major war, not only would the USA need to ensure the survivability of its aircraft carriers for its own military purposes, but Japan badly needs the carrier fleets of the USA to stay active in any such war. Without swift reinforcement from US carrier battle groups, Japan would be vulnerable in a war against China. The USA and Japan have a strong mutual self-interest in working together on anti-missile programs. As readers of my articles and blogs know, Japan and the USA were prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to be allies in the latter days (ancient prophecies can be applied to modern geopolitics once one knows the ancient names by which modern nations are referenced). Expect Japanese-American technological cooperation to continue.